Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 203 | Read It

Prompt: List your favorite books.

Stephanie | I am not a reader. I never have been. That's just not how I learn, I pick up information by watching it, doing it, or talking about it. If I am going to read I have to be very interested in the subject and it has to be an easy read, right to the point. Right now I am re-reading a book called ' For Women Only'. I read it about 3-4 years ago and I really like it, I basically read the whole thing on a flight home from Cali. I am trying to better my marriage and understanding of my husband and this book is helpful for that.

Annetta | When it come to books, I've always read novels until I married a man who was into self-help books. Now I can't seem to finish a novel and haven't found a love for self-help books either. I know that reading is SO good for you and books will never go out of style, but finding the time to do it with everything that's on my plate is a little difficult. I find all my reads on Instagram. I look at what others are reading and more then 50% of my current reads are what I saw others reading including this book 'French Kids Eat Everything'. As I'm reading this book it's turning into a page turner for me. I'll go to bed at midnight and have to force myself to put the book down around 2am. I'm hoping to get a good chunk read while on my 13 hour flight to Slovakia tomorrow.

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