Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 202 | Envelope

Prompt: If someone handed you an envelope containing the exact date and time of you death, would you open it? Why or why not?

Annetta | I wouldn't, I honestly probability couldn't. It would stress me severely, just like these kind of questions stress me out. Life is a gift and I choose to live it every day as such. Since life threw our family some hard tragedies I've learned to live every day as if it was my last. I don't want to plan ahead, but want to enjoy what is now and will be.

Stephanie | Yes I would open it. I am a planner and very much motivated by deadlines. I would probably sit and cry and be in denial for a bit, but it would give me the push I need to do what I want in life, I would get my affairs in order and make sure I left little love notes for my kids and grand babies. I would be able to say my goodbyes and make sure everything was set in place and would run smoothly after I was gone. I would cherish the time I had left and not take it for granted. 

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