Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 17 | Your Bag

Prompt : Sketch your bag or what's inside your bag.


Stephanie | My bag and whats inside my bag is rather boring. I picked out a few of the items I thought were cutest and/or had some color to it. Everything I have is black, white, or brown, boring! Perhaps this prompt will be inspiring to others, but I found it dull, mostly because my bag and items are so dull and uninspiring, I suppose I should shop for more colorful purse items in the future :) I did like that it made me focus on details and shading, which I need practice on, I actually like how each item turned out, but think I ruined it with the color border, it just looked so empty to me. I was trying to do something different, hopefully in the future it will look better to me. My other creative this week was photography. My hubby surprised me for a night away at a Bed and Breakfast in Port Townsend WA for our anniversary. The B&B was located on a working farm, complete with chicken and sheep. It was a super cute, one of a kind farms that the owners built up themselves. We enjoyed a delicious crepe breakfast, a recipe they learned from their travels in Paris. We spent the day exploring the town, eating amazing food, and enjoying the warm sunshine. One stop was at Fort Warden State Park with perfect sandy beaches and a lighthouse.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 16 | Where You Create

Prompt: Sketch items from your desk or where you create.

Stephanie | My desk space is a long work bench from Ikea. I haven't used it much lately to create but it is still pretty, I love all my new paintings hanging right above. My sketch is a little wonky but simple and cute. I really like it. My other creative was a sloppy sunflower sketch which hanging out at the park with Annetta. We had another short visit, but we enjoyed the sunshine and let the kiddos play on the playground. 

Annetta | I don't really have a place where I create anymore since I've packed up my studio and sold most of my collected treasures from over the years. I planned on doing a nicer version of 'where I create' along with a quick sketch. I ended up only having the quick sketch so I'm sticking with it. I didn't spend much time sketching this week, but I did manage to sketch a few other things as well. For my quick sketch I sketched the table where I do my computer work for now. For my other creative I learned to use my mother's knitting machine and had knitted a few practice swatches, even a blanket. I'm kinda loving the knitting machine as I've never really picked up the art of knitting, but have always wanted to.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 15 | Fill The Page

Prompt: Fill the entire page, leaving no white space.

Stephanie | This past week Annetta come over for a quick hang out and sketching session. It was very much needed, and she brought me some amazing tulips and checkered lilies. I had never seen these lilies before but they are so cute and charming with gorgeous coloring. My other creative this week was to do some reading. I have been feeling so out of balance and unhappy lately so I though cleaning my mind with a good book would be beneficial for me. I also had a quick photo session with these tulips, they are just so pretty. I NEED to get some bulbs for my garden. I've nicknamed the color star-burst. They are just so unique and inspiring.

Annetta | This week I've been sketching almost everyday. I want to get into the habit of sketching quickly, freely and without much expectations on myself. It's hard sometimes to just sketch so freely, but when I get past those thoughts I really like the results. I've also learned that I'm a little afraid to layer my watercolors or just don't have the patience for it, something I want to get comfortable with by the end of this year. I worked on a few sketched that filled the pages and find that it's easy to fill a page as long as I don't have to make up what I'm sketching. Like I mentioned for my other creative I did many sketches and would like to continue doing more practice sketched and doodles this coming week.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 14 | Pattern

Prompt: Sketch a pattern.

Annetta | I have decided that patterns are not my thing. I dread drawing them and do not enjoy what I have drawn afterwards. This time was no exception. I guess in the end, it is my fault. I did not give myself any practice this week or give myself time to actually of the prompt this week. I used a little fabric pattern that I had admired. It looked a lot easier then it actually was to doodle! For my other creative my son and I ventured into my favorite neighborhood, Snohomish and spent some time exploring and photographing the houses and flowers. I found some lilacs to forage and photograph at home. I've been reading novels lately so all else has fallen to the wayside as I dig deep into rest and all my thoughts are tied to the story I am reading.

Stephanie | I thought this was going to be an easy prompt. But it took me a lot of time to come up with an idea, and even then I was not interested in the idea I had. I was feeling very uncreative and unmotivated, plus being out of town for the Easter weekend really took my sketching/create desire. I ended up sketching in the car on my way home over the mountain pass. I finally just came up with the idea to make some cute whimsical doodles of trees, but with all the bumps along the trip they just didn't come out like I had envisioned. In the end I kinda just gave up on this sketch, nothing turned out like I had wanted, but at least I completed a sketch. I had come prepared on my trip to also read or do some cross-stitching, but I did not complete another creative this week.

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