Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2021 Wrap Up


After spending 365 days recording all the moments of our year I look back with a sense of sadness. Maybe sadness isn't the right words for it, but I have a deep emotion that's hard to express at the moment. The year went by so quick that if I didn't do this project it would have felt like a blur. There were sad moments, happy moments, painful moments and beautiful moments all mixed up in a year. To have captured them any other way would have been impossible. I am thrilled that I have a year I can watch through, live through over and over again. I think it would have been a sweet video to look back on, but instead it's more of a sad feeling. This year was the year I lost yet another pregnancy, but I have it documented it. There is a part where you see me in the hospital. Anyway, my reflection is more like ramblings. One thing I loved about this project was how little work it actually required of me to do. I ALWAYS carried by camera very single day and everywhere I went which made documenting the year easy. The editing process was so streamlined for me that it took an hour or less sometimes.

Would I continue this project or start a new one? I am defiantly saying yes to both! I am continuing another year of videos because it's just magical to watch and fun for all of us as a family. I am also doing a side project for the year with all the photographs I take. I have a strong desire to do another project project, but I'll have to leave that for another year when I am not working. 

Here's my full year in video all compiled together into a film:

Now I have a question for you. Have you enjoyed this video project of ours? Have you thought about starting a year-long project that will bring you joy in year to come?

Week Fifty Three | December 27 - 31

 Annetta | December 27 - 31

Stephanie | December 27 - 31


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