Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Day 274 | Wednesday

Annetta | Our neighborhood dog had a puppy and today was the first day it was out on a little adventure. They named him Teddy. So cute and the highlight of my day.

Stephanie |  Made fried eggplant with tomatoes. Annetta used to make this when we would hang out and it was always so delicious. Every time I have tried to make it ts just not the same. I think the company really helps add to it too.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Day 273 | Tuesday

Stephanie | Found this tree next to the dentist office today. Not sure what it is, but my eye caught the pretty little berries on it. 

Annetta | Despite how I feel or what's going on in my life I am still trying to force myself to take pictures. This month just hasn't been easy in that department, but thankful for this project!

Day 272 | Monday

Annetta | I am struggling to do what I need to do lately so I do what I can even if it's a picture that took 5 min to take. 

Stephanie | Monday, school day. Trying to navigate 3 kids for distance learning during a pandemic is rough. Not at all what this school year was supposed to look like.


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Day 271 | Sunday

Stephanie | Its been a breezy day, but we still have power, so that's happy news. Since we got our chores done yesterday, its been a low-key day of rest. 

Annetta | My son outgrew most of his clothes and the cold weather is settling in so on Sunday we went out for Pho and clothes shopping. 

Day 270 | Saturday


Annetta | My bible study ladies and I went out for dinner for some good conversation and food.

Stephanie | I have a bad headache, but we must get things done today. We are scheduled to have our power shut off due to high fire threat, so we must get done all the things we can't due while the power is off for a few days.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Day 269 | Friday

Stephanie | Trying to wrap up school for this week and prep for our power to possibly go out on Sunday. Little Marshmallow likes to perch up on this rock in the late evening.

Annetta | Knit socks are always a good idea when you get all four seasons. Today I finished my first socks!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Day 268 | Thursday

Annetta | I was having a bit of a 'squirrel' moment when I saw the weather shift to rain and started a pair of knit socks. It's officially fall and it feels like it. 

Stephanie | These roses faded away too fast for my liking.  But they still are so pretty and worthy of admiration.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Day 267 | Wednesday

Stephanie | Oh today has been a challenge. No motivation, irritable, tired and sore. But the good news is we have a working A/C again after being out the last 2 weeks or so. Just in time too, its about to warm up again.

Annetta | My heart's been bleeding this week. A little dramatic, yes, but today the tears were flowing for sure. This week was supposed to be my due date for a pregnancy I waited 8 years to have. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Day 266 | Tuesday

Annetta | I am thankful that the days are still warm because next week starts the fall season with rain for days. No matter how one prepares for it, it is still hard once the rain sets in. 

Stephanie | Getting back into the swing of things. I definitely do better when I have routine and consistency. I am more productive and feel better. 


Monday, September 21, 2020

Day 265 | Monday

Stephanie | Lots of coffee to start of this Monday morning. Been off our routine for almost 2 weeks.

Annetta | We had our first fall family game night. Now it was a Monday and Augustin did stay up past bedtime, but yay for game season. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Day 264 | Sunday

Annetta | I took a whole day off and did nothing other than some crochet. It was what my soul needed without all the other demands on my life at the moment. 

Stephanie | Worked on organizing the school space this weekend. After packing all the school stuff for the evacuation, I wanted to make the space we keep work in nicer. We hung up their school photos, a cork board for important papers, and this folder storage for each kid to keep papers in one place. Homeschooling three kids gets messy real quick.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Day 263 | Saturday

Stephanie | House cleaning day, and it needs it! Everything is out of place and luggage and boxes in the way due to the evacuation order. Time to get tidy, and these beautiful carnations help make the place look so pretty.

Annetta | every day I work through about an hour of a bible study I am doing with some ladies at our church.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Day 262 | Friday


Annetta | My work hours have been off all month and it creates big chaos in my day. Crochet is a few moments of peace. 

Stephanie | The birthday girl turns 5 today!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Day 261 | Thursday

Stephanie | Yummy avocado toast before a big trip to Costco.

Annetta | I just focused on editing my Vlog between my official working hours. Oh and cleaned out the fridge. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Day 260 | Wednesday

Annetta | I forgot to mention that I'm running an intense 9-week bible study with some church friends. Each day takes about 1 to 2 hours of work.

Stephanie | Got to have a quick chat with Annetta, talked about all the drama I've been dealing with here and why I haven't been posting. I am committed to finishing our year, 2020 has just been something extra. I am working today to fill in my missing posts.  

Day 259 | Tuesday


Stephanie | With everything that's been going on, we haven't really paid much attention to the garden. Went out today and picked this massive haul of peppers.

Annetta | I've started filming a week-long vlog for my Youtube channel and it's mostly about me working and making food which has been my life lately. 

Day 258 | Monday


Annetta | After work, I decided to do something creative for myself. I filmed a mini video about the signs of fall. Wish I could do this more often. 

Stephanie | Wondering if we will have school this week. Even though we are distance learning right now, we have go by what the school does. The school is still in the evacuation zone, so school's been closed last Wednesday - Friday.  

Day 257 | Sunday


Stephanie | Coming down from all the fire excitement. I am so tired and cranky. Took a nap and spent the day in bed. Just couldn't do anything today.

Annetta | We went out to ice cream yet again. Then I tried to relax, but ended up catching up on work. 

Day 256 | Saturday


Annetta | I wanted to get out of the house and do something as a family. We went on a bike ride for some of my favorite vegan ice cream.

Stephanie | Found a free online painting class for the kids to do. All we had to do was have the supplies, and the instructor showed them the steps during a live class. They loved it.


Day 255 | Friday

 Stephanie | Happy to be home but keeping an eye on the fires nearby.

Annetta | Fridays are date nights and for our date, we went to the movies to see Mulan. Good movie! 

Day 254 | Thursday


Annetta | This month has been a bit crazy work-wise so far. I find myself teaching more then I want/should be, but I can't say no to my students even if that means I don't have time for my other work. 

Stephanie | Luckily the fire has shifted and is moving away from our home. There was no damage to our property and we felt safe enough to return home even thought the warnings/orders haven't been lifted.  We are tired and drained from our adventure. I found some photos on my phone for today. A recent ice cream outing and Sawyer with her new glasses, so cute. 

Day 253 | Wednesday


Stephanie | So the fire yesterday got HUGE. We ended up being evacuated for TWO fires that were threatening to our home. We got the call at about 1:30am and the other as we had already left for the other fire. We met up at our safe spot and attempted to sleep in the car for the remainder of the night.

Annetta | I forced my friend to use her spare hour and model for a mini film for me. She was sweet enough to let me.

Day 252 | Tuesday


Annetta | Today I discovered just how delicious coconut yogurt is, especially with leftover zucchini bread crumbs! 

Stephanie | Been keeping an eye on the smoke that's billowing through. This fire is getting huge due to the high winds. Its eerie out there. Evacuations are starting to happen around us.


Monday, September 7, 2020

Day 251 | Monday

 Stephanie | Someone wanted to do a little photoshoot with Mama. Her eyes are usually hidden under her glasses, but look at those beauties shine!

Annetta | Today felt like a true Monday, but then I decide to get through my to-do list with a happy attitude. My reward for my work was a photography walk with Petronela, our roommate. 

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Day 250 | Sunday

 Annetta | It's Sunday! I plan to rest today for the first time since I can't remember when. I started a new scarf knitting project and yes, there will be pie!

Stephanie | Tiny petite roses from the garden. Just the inspiration I need today.


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