Sunday, October 27, 2019

Week 43 | Fourth of July + Sunshine Square

Week 43 | Fourth of July + Sunshine Square

Stephanie | So  I am here frantically trying to get something posted before our power is shut off, AGAIN, due to high winds and fire threats. I want to have something posted, as I may not have power again until Monday or even Wednesday. It all depends on the weather. I am doing the Fourth of July print again and kept with the Red, White, Blue color scheme.**woohoo, I got it done in time!**

Favorite moment of the week: Being able to get paint done and decor up at our Church lobby. It looks so good!

Annetta | My squares are growing, but not fast enough. I haven't gotten enough square for an actual blanket and at this rate, I am going way too slow. This weeks square was simple as it didn't require any color changes and I like that. The first blanket that I did for the first half of this project few home to America with my mom. I was making it for her as a gift because she has made so many for me and it was time to bless her in return. 

Favorite moment of the week: The weekend was pretty awesome. We got to visit a town called Trnava. It's one of my favorite places to visit that close by and pretty. Also, my son got a haircut after refusing one for a whole year! Did I ever mention how much I LOVE living in Europe? It's just so so gorgeous and there is always something to explore. Soon the Christmas markets will start and those are fun.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Week 42 | Cluster Flower + Framed Windmill

Week 42  | Cluster Flower + Framed Windmill

Annetta | So... Last time I made this flower I hated it. As I was crocheting this pattern the second time I was getting the same exact feelings until... I finished it and don't hate it anymore. A simple switch of colors was all this pattern needed to shine. I also love the new border color I have chosen. I am still not sure how it will look when the whole blanket is put together, but I have high hopes. I love how the cream softens the pattern and then the teal edge adds that perfect pop.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was ROUGH. My mom was sick for the whole week. The day of her flight she was physically shaking and couldn't do much walking due to weakness. All of that had put a big damper on our final week of her visit. She flew out today actually and I am thankful for airline wheelchair assistance. On a brighter note, my favorite part was sitting with her while we worked on our separate projects. I will cherish those memories while she is back in the states.

Stephanie | This was the very first block I did at the beginning of the year. I was happy with myself for completing it, but as the weeks went on, it turned into my least favorite block due to color choice. I wanted this one to be prettier. It was startling to get too pastel-y, so I added the navy. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm sure it will blend into all the other blocks just fine. This one is a little tricky as its an actual framed block. All the others I feel have softer edges while this one has a firm edge, its set out from all the others. 

Favorite moment of the week: Saturday was a work day at church, getting it all ready for the new renovations. We have been talking about it for a while and now is the time to start working. The guys worked on finishing up a bit of landscaping while the girl finalized our plans for the new look and layout of the lobby. We picked out the furniture we want and got our plan ready. This week furniture will be bought and painting starts in the next week or so. Exciting changes are coming.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Week 41 | Posy Basket + Heart Square #2

Week 41  | Posy Basket + Heart Square #2


Stephanie | I remember the first time I made this block, I used a variety of colors and it didn't make the basket stand out. This time I tried to keep with the same color tones (except the one random blue block) and make sure there was enough contrast to make the basket pop. I used only scrap pieces again for this block. I was going to make a 2nd block this week to catch up from a few weeks ago, but I was unable to get it done. We lost power for 3 days this week due to the high winds and fire danger.

Favorite moment of the week: We are still dealing with sickness in the house, plus loosing power for 3 days which resulted in no school for the kids. I was a strange week here. I loved getting some happy mail from my friend for my birthday. She sent me several plant babies and some quilting magazines and fabric.

Annetta | We are back to making duplicates of all the squares. I had four contrasting colors and one main one. I am thinking about changing that up in the next following weeks to give the blanket some variety. I have two colors to choose from. For this week I stayed with white, but need to change the main color by next week.

Favorite moment of the week: We are still dealign with sickness here. Now my mom is sick and she flies out on Sunday. This is our last week together. Our past week was spent at home recovering. I guess my favorite moment was watching my son and dog cuddle on the couch together. Tucker doesn't usually let my son cuddle with him as he prefers my husband or me over him. It was a welcome change because my son had dreams of this day for so long.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Week 40 | Maybelle Granny Square + Flying Cross

Week 40  | Maybelle Granny Square + Flying Cross

Annetta | We are on our last three months of this project! I am back to crocheting the other half of my squares. This week it was one of my favorite patterns from this whole blanket the Maybelle. I love the way that the square comes out. There is so many beautiful version of this square and all you have to do is change the colors of the rows. I also wanted to knit up a few more then I needed so that the blanket had more of them. 

Favorite moment of the week: This week I had a sick kid just as Stephanie had. We planned a trip to Prague for the weekend and had already paid for the hotel, but the morning of our departure my son had a fever. I've had a cold for 2 weeks now, but his fever came out of the blue. My mom and I ended up exploring some of Prague by ourselves while my husband stayed behind with my son. The road trip itself was a little rough due to the fever. Despite it all, we did enjoy exploring Prague and having that time together because she flies back to the States all too soon.

Stephanie | This was a fun pastel block, easy with HST and squares. Since there was no white in the block, I kept the colors light rather than using the reds and navys. I think each fabric stands out on its own and doesn't get lost in the block.

Favorite moment of the week: This has been a rough week. Escaping goats, sick kids, and a call to 911. Luckily the goats have finally been contained, and 911 ended well, but we are still dealing with a sick girl who seems to want to get worse and not better. We had a Girl Scout trip to the pumpkin patch which was fun. My oldest volunteered to be a helper in the pig races and was selected, she never volunteers in settings like that, so that was fun to see her step out into something scary for her. The whole trip was a success and we left the patch with some fresh cider and sunflowers.

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