Monday, September 30, 2019

Week 39 | Corner Star + Nuts About Squares Blanket

Week 39  |  Corner Star + Nuts About Squares Blanket


Stephanie | I like the color on this Corner Star block. I think the last time around I made it in a lighter color, but this navy looks really good. My flying geese were a bit better in this block, maybe becasue I pinned them more before sewing.

Favorite moment of the week: This has been an interesting week. We started off with 100 degree weather, which gave us an extreme fire danger threat, so our power was turned off 2 different times, 1 time resulting in no school. The temperature then plummeted about 40 degrees and brought in 2 thunderstorms. We also received some goats from our cousins. They needed to off load their goats, and we have been talking about getting some, so it just fit for us to take them. Except we didn't have proper housing set up for them. Its fun trying to set up a pen AFTER they are already on the property. But I did get to plant some flowers and bulbs in the cooler weather and snipped some rose blooms before the thunderstorm had a chance to destroy them.

Annetta | This week I finished the first crochet blanket that I crocheted the first half of this project! It took forever to sew all the blocks together and add the border. That was the only thing I focused on this week and couldn't manage to make squares on top of finishing the blanket. While I was working through the blocks I wasn't very thrilled with the design I had chosen for the blanket, but now that its all said and done I am very happy with it.

Favorite moment of the week: This week my mom and I had a moment to visit the Medical Garden where there is a cute cafe tucked away in the park. It was cold that day but had all the fall vibes. It was such a wonderful moment to be there with her and chatting away.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Week 38 | Fanny Granny + Flying Dutchman

Week 38 | Fanny Granny + Flying Dutchman

Annetta | This square isn't really called Fanny Granny. I actually don't know what its true name is as I just found this pattern on Pinterest with no name attached to it. The original pattern is different as well, but it ended up having too many stitches. I had to modify the last two rows of this pattern to equal out the 22 stitches that I have on my other squares. I love this pattern because it's so unique. I do wonder if it matches the other squares though. I only managed to make two today and need to finish the other two later.

Favorite moment of the week: My favorite moment of this week was spending time with my momma. Last time she was in town was a year ago and she has been missed. This past week so walked about 3 miles a day and have hopped about town enjoying each others company. She is only staying for a month and not her usual 3 months so I am soaking every minute I get to spend with her.

Stephanie | I really, really REALLY am not liking Flying Geese. They just will not sew up right for me. I don't get it. I was getting so mad at these today that I don't know if I will ever sew one again! Ugh, I don't get why I struggle so much with these. I do like the color combo, so I guess that's something right?!

Favorite moment of the week: My girls painted these cute flower pots and planted succulents in them today at church (see pic), what a fun surprise! I also got to have a coffee date with a friend and talk about some fun changes that we are working on to revamp our church, and I also got to talk with someone I haven't talked to in years!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Week 37 | Hidden Star + Farmhouse Granny Square

Week 37 | Hidden Star + Farmhouse Granny Square

Stephanie | This Hidden Star block turned out pretty good. I must love these two fabrics because I used up pretty much the last of them both with this block. I made sure to use contrasting colors to really make the center star pop out which I don't think I did as well in the last one.

Favorite moment of the week: This has been a CRAZY week or so for me. I didn't post last week due to not having internet due to a fire near by that messed up the signal in the area. It was close enough that we stopped everything and packed up in case of an evacuation, that took priority over sewing a block. We were already working on packing for a trip up to Oregon to see my ill Papa. I was working like a mad woman to get my to-do list done, which included planting some trees/plants and running irrigation line around the front flower garden. With everything I had to get done, plus the fire and lack of internet before we left, it just didn't get done. I will have to make it up sometime before the end of the year. Luckily when I got home from our quick trip, we've already notices new growth on the things we planted and this beautiful rose opened up just for me this morning! I enjoyed out trip to see my Papa, probably for the last time, and I was able to gift the newest quilt I had made for him.

Annetta | This week I had to make my squares early on in the week as on Sunday I won't be around to work on a post. It was good to be ahead and not behind like we tend to be sometimes. I spent some time on Pinterest trying to find a good pattern for this week. I've strayed from the pattern I was following and have decided to find my own. I've been eyeing the Farmhouse square for some time now. It's just s cute square, but I wish I added more stitches to the edge puff squares as they look a little flat to me.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was nothing special, but a whole lot of work. There was one special moment that I can think of. At one point in my day this week I stopped cleaning. I needed a break because a week of deep cleaning can be overwhelming. So I decided to stop for a moment and sit in quiet prayer as piano worship played in the backdrop. I meditated on a bible verse and prayed while taking deep breaths. It was a beautiful 30 minutes and a favorite moment of mine this week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Week 36 | Hello Daisy Granny Square

Week 36 | Hello Daisy Granny Square

Annetta | To tell you the truth I am not sure what my granny square this week is called. I usually follow a blanket pattern, but today I decided to do my own thing. After hopping onto Pinterest I saw the square I was going to crochet. It had no name and no patters, just a picture of a finished square. Well, I did it and I am calling it Hello Daisy. I will say that is pattern is way cuter than the one I was supposed to do. I can see a whole blanket just out of this pattern with different colors for the flower part.

Favorite moment of the week: It's been a workweek for me. After my son and husband go to work and school I work my part-time job and then on my business until 8pm. It's sweater weather coming if it's not already here, and that means that I have to get my business running again. I made a sweater this week, like a whole sweater from start to finish. I started the sweater on Tuesday, I think and had it all seamed up by Friday. It's beautiful and wears like a really warm and thick shirt because I made mistakes on mine and knit it too tight. Finishing that was a highlight for sure!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Week 35 | North Star + Basic Granny Square

Week  35 | North Star + Basic Granny Square

Stephanie | I finally feel like I made a square as close to perfect as possible, even with 4 flying geese blocks. My geese had some issue while assembling, but once all together, the points look so good, the edges are straight and not wavy or curved, and all the seams on the backside look great. I am please with how this turned out.

Favorite moment of the week: Starting another quilt project and working it up as quick as its coming along. We also got our first duck egg this week, that was quite the surprise!

Annetta | I am thankful for this basic granny square. It's been a week with little motivation so figuring out a square that's too much work wouldn't have worked. I've done this square many times and so have other crocheters. It's a great simple pattern that is classic yet beautiful. It was also super quick to crochet which was super!

Favorite moment of the week: This week my son took an equivalent to a State Test we had in America. This goal was to test out of 2nd grade and it was in Slovak. He's only been going to a Slovak school since January so we were nervous for sure. He passed in Slovak with an A and a B. To celebrate we went to Family Park in Austria which is a theme Park. We had such a blast! Tin even went on some ride that would have made him run last year. It was such a fun time together as a family.

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