Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 191 | Love To Meet

Prompt : Create a list of people you would love to meet. For your top 5 write about why you would like to meet them.

Stephanie | I want to meet the baby I lost 7 years ago. I want to know what that little being would have turned out to be. Whether it was a boy or girl and what features it had from mom and dad. I would want to hold it and squeeze as tight as I could. Give all the love in me. I want to know that it is ok and share that I think about him or her often.  I would want to take a picture so I have something tangible of this little life I once carried inside me. I could show off to people, this is my baby. But mostly I just want to tell my baby I love you.

Annetta | There are a few creative people that I would love to meet in person. These people inspire me as they have some amazing work.

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