Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 183 | Would You Rather

Prompt: Which would you choose and why?

A. Financial security for the rest of your lofe & living a luxurious lifestyle with every material possession you could ever wish for BUT to be in a loveless relationship.


B. To be madly in love with someone BUT never knowing where the next $1 was coming from, living in debt and on the edge from month to month.

Stephanie | I have had relationships that were not full of love. I have been in situations where I didn't know if I would have enough money to get by. I have been in relationships where there was no love or money. Both are difficult to live without. I would choose love over money. Not having love is very lonely and sad, no amount of money or possessions will fill that void. Having a strong love can change your life more than money. Love trumps all.

Annetta | Call me a rebel, but honestly I would choose neither. I would honesty choose to just be by myself. I know that money is one of the reasons most marriages fall apart. I wouldn't want to live with every possession, but without love and I wouldn't want to live with love, but have the stress of living dollar to dollar. When living with love, but no money usually the financial stress breaks down a marriage. There are some people who can handle it, but there are other's who can't. That's just my opinion, plus life usually doesn't give such an ultimatum, God is a good God. Also now that I think of it, if there is hope to get out of debt and an ability to get out of the month to month cycle, I'd choose love, but only if that was the possibility in the question.

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