Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 186 | Role Model

Prompt: Who has been a great role model for you? Why? How have they influenced you? Note: You do not have to know them.

Stephanie | People who have kids, have their own business, cook healthy meals, keep a tidy house, homeschool, and have a strong marriage are my role models. This is what I strive for and want for my family. At times I feel it is impossible, but knowing there are people who are doing it helps me to push on. 

Annetta | (I'm excited to be back in my studio on Monday!) Right now I would say my role model is Lara Casey. I got to hear her at a conference I attended last year and was very impressed with who she was and her beautiful faith. She is a wife, mother and a very successful business owner, speaker, Editor in chief of her own magazine, and a published author. I LOVE and am so inspired how she mixed her work with God and makes Him the center of everything she does.

PS. found this DREAMY blog with gorgeous journal pages....

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