Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 195 | July Mail Call

Mail each other something to use in the journal. July's theme: Postcard

Annetta | I am so happy we are doing postcards as I've always wanted to get postcard from all around the country and send them. There was a season where I was sending postcards to friends, but since then Iv'e stopped. It's nice to pick it back up again.

Stephanie | I was excited to do the postcard prompt, I had very high hopes of finding a great postcard to send to Annetta. When that didn't work, I tried to make a really cute one, but that just didn't pan out. I found an antique store that had some postcard, not exactly the style I was hoping for, but the one I found stood out to me. This postcard has already been used and mailed, but I love that this little postcard holds a piece of history. Its a window into another time, into the lives of the people who mailed it, I just find that so fascinating.  

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