Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 200 | Celebrate

Today marks 200 days of 'A Year To Inspire'!!

 Use balloons to celebrate 200 days.

Stephanie | I had high hopes of being able to gather some balloons along with some journal supplies and head to a cute little spot in the forest and create a little workspace with the sun glowing in the back as it sets. But the weather turned, it became very windy and overcast and nothing like my vision, so I decided to paint it instead. I cant believe we have made it to 200 days, over 1/2 way done already. Its been an amazing adventure. I am so thankful for our followers and the exciting opportunities our 'A Year To Inspire' project has created.  

Annetta | 200 posts!! Doesn't seem that much with 165 more days to go, but wow! We are more then half way through with 200 beautiful journal days behind us to cherish for years to come. I too had a different vision for my balloon entry, but spent the day photographing a beautiful wedding. I love how Stephanie and I've connected through this project and how we have grown over the days of sharing our lives in a creative way. Thank you for EVERYONE who has stopped by and read our journals, we are blessed!

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  1. Incredible! Well done girls, and thanks for keeping us so inspired... Have enjoyed every 200 entries and can't wait for more.


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