Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 212 | Word Association

Draw a line down the center of a page. Then fill both columns starting with the left side by playing word association with yourself. Start from one of the following words: hot, sharp, snow, tree, secret, money, shoes, words, new, wonderful, shady.

Annetta | 

Snow = beautiful
Sharp = pain
Wonderful = life
Secret = kept
Words = sting
Hot = summer
New = shoes
Money = lots
Shoes = heels
Shady = trees
Trees = big

Stephanie |

Snow= flurry
Sharp = thorns
Wonderful = friends
Secret = trust
Words = speak
Hot = sun
New = used
Money = save
Shoes = flip flops
Shady = tree
Trees = grow

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 211 | Lesson Of Life

Prompt: Tell me about some of the lessons the school of life has taught you so far. Add a brief summary of the situations that taught you the life lessons.

"Experience is the best teacher." -Unknown

Annetta | Relationships are for a reason, some are much longer than others and some are shorter than you want them to be. I learned that you need to love those around you and be willing to let go of people when the time comes. It's also okay when you grow apart from your friends as you gain new ones to.

Stephanie | It's not your responsibility or obligation to make others happy. People should love you for you not what you do for them. Let them go when needed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 210 | Won Something

Prompt: Tell me about a time when you won something. Hold on to the feeling for a few moments as if its happening again to you right now. You are a winner! How does that make you feel?

Annetta | Being a winner me feel like I'm on top of the world. It's actually one of my favorite feelings! That feeling comes not very often. Not one of those people just wins all the time. I have to work really hard to be a winner.

Stephanie | I don't win things. At a company party there was a raffle and as they were pulling the names out, I commented to my hubby that I never win anything. Then my name was called! It was a gift card to Home depot, not an item I was super excited about, but still nice that it was my name called.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 209 | Beautiful Image

Prompt: Find an image that is beautiful and breathtaking. What is it that appeals to you.

Annetta | This beautiful in the range of girl holding the camera call attention. It is very dreamy to me. I love the colors that are in this image.

Stephanie | This image is beautiful to me because it is just so inviting. I love the blues, greens, purples, and whites. The gorgeous hydrangea flowers, the large white columns and wood flooring, you can almost feel the hot summer air and soft breeze. Its perfection! It looks so relaxing and calming, something I desperately need right now. I want to grab a large glass of ice tea and sit ans cross-stitch for hours. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 208 | Immortal

Prompt: List the pros and cons of becoming immortal.

Annetta | Being immortal doesn't sound like a good thing everyone would take life for granted and there would be so much sin & chaos in the world. There is a reason why we don't live as long as some of the people live in the old testament. People used to live for hundreds of years but then the world was also severely corrupt.

Stephanie | Pros: I wouldn't have to face my fear of dying and I could watch the world change and evolve. Cons: I would have to watch everyone I ever knew and loved die and I would watch the world be destroyed by man.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 207 | Another Country

Prompt: If you had to move to another country, what things would you miss the most about where you live now.

Annetta | If I were to move to another country I would actually miss many things. I would miss my friends who I love and have been with for years. I'd miss all the beautiful parts that are in Seattle! Also all the beautiful houses and yards I enjoy walking through.

Stephanie | Things I would miss from the Seattle area is easy access to the beach, the mountain views, good seafood, and being able to go to the city, country, forest, and ocean all within an hour of my home.

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