Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Day 91 | Tuesday

Stephanie | This California Lilac has my heart, and also the bees.

Annetta | It felt more like a Monday today than a Tuesday. I've enjoyed finishing a sleeve on a sweater I started this month.

Day 90 | Monday

Annetta | My sweet husband brought some the prettiest roses for me. We go to the store once a week so this was a very beautiful surprise.

Stephanie | Not even sure what day it is at this point.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Day 89 | Sunday

Stephanie | Pretty boring today. Ran into town to get pet food. Got to swing by a friends house and drop off the masks I made for her kids and we got to chat for a few mins.

Annetta | I helped my son make a blanket on the knitting machine for our doggy. It was nice to do that together.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Day 88 | Saturday

Annetta | A few fun things happened today. I purchased my first pattern for a dress that I will sew. Rearranged some things in my living room and we went out for a walk in the woods.

Stephanie | Taking it easy today, shows, video games, homemade cookies and pizza later. We did have to bury one of our new baby chicks today. She had a deformed beak and wasn't developing as fast as the other chicks. We think as she was growing, the crookedness of her beak was preventing her from eating and she passed away.

Day 87 | Friday

Stephanie | Still able to do some school while at home. Syri and Sawyer are working on math facts, while Shea listens to her teacher read a story and takes a reading test.

Annetta | It's been a tough day for me physically. After a nap, I forced myself and my family outdoors for a short walk to make things better. Fresh air is always needed.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 86 | Thursday

Annetta | I finished the cute Half Lotus Bunting today. It's been a fun side project. Now to find the perfect place to hang it.

Stephanie | Spent the day deep cleaning the kitchen, dusting, wiping down cabinets, vacuum, mop, the works. It feels so much better in here. Finished the day watching Frozen 2.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day 85 | Wednesday

Stephanie | Worked on school and prepping a ton of face masks today. Picked up sack lunches from the school and had a milk chugging contest with the kids to lighten the mood today. And my tulips are finally tall enough to cut, yay!

Annetta | Today I took the day off (mostly) and just enjoyed my time with some crochet. It was nice to get a break from sewing masks.

Day 84 | Tuesday

Annetta | My child is LOVING this time at home. He has little schoolwork (we focus on other kinds of learning) and plenty of playing time while being in his pajamas all day. My husband and I talk about how this season his little kid dreams are coming true. Plus, he won't be a kid forever, but soon a teenager in just three short years. 

Stephanie | Prepping some face masks. I have a large stash of fabric and I know how to sew, so I will work to make some face masks to help out the community. Waiting on some elastic to finish these test ones off for my family.

(Annetta's note: I LOVE how giving Stephanie's heart is. She is such a big giver with the biggest and kindest heart ever! Stephanie, you are AMAZING and I love you, friend!!!)

Monday, March 23, 2020

Day 83 | Monday

Stephanie | This is how our days look, again. Back to the home-school grind. We JUST got work packets sent home a few days ago and they are ready to send home MORE. I was doing fine with ALL the changes until I heard that. Feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed now.

Annetta | Today my son went to catch a Dogfish on the couch while in his pajamas and listening to 'Winnie The Pooh'. I might need to get a new couch after this quarantine season is over.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Day 82 | Sunday

Annetta | Today our stovetop short-circuited and now we are left with no stove. A couple of days ago it was my sewing machine that short-circuited. Luckily my crochet hooks don't do that and I was able to crochet some of the stress away.

Stephanie | Got the garden fence up finally. Now the deer and rabbits cant feast on our food. Was able to get some pepper starts planted that we've had on standby. Photo credit goes to my daughter Syri, she wanted to be photographer today.

Day 81 | Saturday

Stephanie | Received a beautiful package from Annetta in the mail! Her gorgeous crocheted blanket from A Year to Inspire 2019. I just love handmade gifts. I will cherish these forever!

Annetta | Today was for rest and relaxing. For me, that meant working on my crochet blankets because that's the coziest thing to do on a wet and gray day.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Day 80 | Friday

Annetta | I sat at my sewing machine sewing face masks for neighbors and friends. When I wasn't sewing I was working my day job. We did manage a walk and that was glorious!

Stephanie | Celebrating another birthday today. Syri turns 11! We went exploring for a bit to the wildlife refuge and picked out some outside toys at Walmart, which was surprisingly calm.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Day 79 | Thursday

Stephanie | Got to spend some time with church today on facebook live. Trying to keep up with all the changes.

Annetta | Wake up, work, breakfast, 3-mile hike, lunch, work, pizza dough prep, crochet & a movie, make dinner, shower, bedtime. Thankful I got some crochet in time today.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 78 | Wednesday

Annetta | I've become much better and much faster at making face masks, they even come with a pocket to put in a filter if needed. I reached out to our neighborhood and asked if anyone needed one. This one is for an elderly lady in our condo complex. 

Stephanie | Today we took a trip to the school to pick up some homework packets to complete while we are social distancing at home. Reminds me of our homeschooling time, and I am not a fan. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Day 77 | Tuesday

Stephanie | Started the day off with a fort in the living room. Then the day got real annoying.

Annetta | It took three days, but I finally found some time to make the third Half Lotus. It might take three more days to finish the banner. I can't wait to hang it up in my house.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Day 76 | Monday

Annetta | I've got a lot done today to my surprise. My favorite part of the day was our evening walk at sunset.

Stephanie | Well, we got the call at bedtime last night, no school for the next 2 weeks to start. I am happy that we were able to stock up on some foods today. I am not too worried about the virus itself, but more so how we are going to eat with the grocery stores all sold out. Hoping we will last till the stores get restocked.

Day 75 | Sunday

Stephanie | I am thankful today that I had enough energy to physically attend church today. I have seen so many posts about people attending virtually due to this corona-virus. I am thankful we are not shut down and were able to gather together. Be thankful in all circumstances.

Annetta | Unlike Stephanie we are al shutdown mode. Only stores and pharmacies are open, that's it. Most people are now going out in facemasks or makeshift ones with scarves. Luckily I made our own a couple days ago, which we wear on walks.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Day 74 | Saturday

Annetta | Things are following more into a pattern while we self-quarantine. In the morning my son does school work (even on weekends), afternoons we go for a walk and in the evenings we do something as a family. I pray Slovakia doesn't turn into the next Italy.

Stephanie | This is a good representation of my day. All curled up in bed, under the covers. Just unable to get anything done, no motivation, no strength. We still don't have any confirmed cases of this corona-virus in our county, so life continues on as normal. But I feel it's coming soon. It's coming down from Seattle and up from southern CA.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Day 73 | Friday

Annetta | I made all of our facemasks between working and homeschooling my son (since schools are closed). It's pizza night tonight and I hope to finally sit down for some crochet for the first time today. 

Stephanie | Took a quick break and played on the trampoline with my little.

Day 72 | Thursday

Stephanie | Trying to catch up. Feeling very off schedule and behind these last few weeks. Just can't get back to normal.

Annetta | It was one of the warmest days since fall and it was glorious. I managed to quickly get lunch going, which let us go outside for a nice long walk.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Day 71 | Wednesday

Annetta | Staying home gives me lots of time to knit, crochet, work and bake. Today I focused on finishing the sleeve of a cardigan and my son and I baked chocolate chip cookies together. 

Stephanie | My middle child had her 8th birthday today. She got a pretty cool light-up scooter from my Grandma. She hasn't stopped scooting around. Happy Birthday Shea!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Day 70 | Tuesday

Stephanie | Had to run into town to pick up cookies for tonight's cookie booth sales. Took a quick peek at the river while we were there. Will have to come back and walk the trail when we have more time.

Annetta | Today is a scoop of vanilla ice cream when all you want is a rainbow sorbet. I only worked 3 hours, but it felt like that's all I did today with little time to do what I actually wanted to do while my son played outdoors for over 5 hours.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Day 69 | Monday

Annetta | All of the schools have closed for a week in our city. Due to the virus and our medical system here, we will be spending some weeks at home of that I am sure.

 Stephanie | Spent almost the whole day sick in bed. Went outside for a bit to check on the animals and finally get a quick picture of the baby goat who's already 11 days old. 

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Day 68 | Sunday

Annetta | Here is the update of my temperature blanket. The temperature more or less stayed in the 48-52F range. It was also Women's International Day today and our church gave all the women flowers.

Stephanie | More cookies sales today. Thankful we were able to sell out! I also finished painting my bathroom and moving my plants to safe spot. I love how they look on my new shelf.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Day 67 | Saturday

Stephanie | Spent the morning out in the cold rain selling girl scout cookies and made my chicken enchiladas for dinner.

Annetta | It was a wonderful Sunday. We had our morning to ourselves and then went out for bowling with friends. For dinner, I made homemade pizza, which I am working on perfecting the recipe. We ended the day with a movie.

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