Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 194 | Time Travel

Prompt: If you cold travel into the future, how far forward would you choose to go and what would you hope or expect to see there?

Annetta | I wouldn't want to travel to the future, not at all. I wouldn't want to skip the present and al of it's precious moments. I wouldn't want to go to the future and see my son all grown up and meet the rest of my kids that I haven't had yet. I want to get to the future by living each and everyday to the fullest. I want to give love away, be a good friend and be me just as it should be.

Stephanie | Two days come to mind when I think about traveling into the future. April 20th 2057 will be our 50th wedding anniversary. I would like to see us celebrating together with our friends and family and lots of grand kids running around. A day full of love and know that we have made the life and family we wanted together.  October 6th 2083 will be my 100th birthday. I want to see myself celebrating in good health surrounded by all my loved ones. To see that I have made a positive impact on my family and all the little grand and great-grand kids. To know that all the hard work I am putting in now will be worth in the end. To see that I have built the family and legacy I want and that I have made a difference.

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