Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 13 | Monochrome

Prompt: Sketch a scene using only 1 color.

Stephanie | My monochrome idea was to do an elephant for my sister, she is obsessed with them. Its funny to me that the sketch looks better in person. My other creative was to sketch some tulip bulbs I recently bought and placed in a cute watering can planter that Ive had for a while. I posted a picture of it on Instagram a few days earlier, and Annetta said it must be sketched, so I did. 

Annetta | I wasn't too sure about this whole monochrome sketch idea, but it turned out to be a great practice for layers and shadows. I sketched some books that I had for our estate sale, they needed to be sketched before I said goodbye to them forever. I creative the vignette for the sketch, but in my sketch the vase and tulip are beautifully misaligned. I do love the sketch and the practice is gave me. The more I don't care about how I sketch or how it turns out the better things go. I also took my own advise I gave Stephanie and sketched her watering can planter. She had a gorgeous image of it on her Instagram account and I too just had to sketch the beauty she created. For my other creative this week I did a few different things this week. First off, I finished Stephanie's gift for her baby. I made a fort outside and while my son colored I finished the embroidery. I also did a shoot for a magazine's blog and a fashion shoot for my friends clothing line. My creativity was rocking it this week!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 12 | Cups

Prompt: Sketch some of your favorite cups. Stack then up, line them up or draw your whole collection!


Stephanie | I have a collection of mason jars in my hutch, but they are not very pretty to sketch, so my collection is of my tea cups and saucers I have stacked on my little white shelf. Once I started to paint I realized there wasn't much color to my collection, at least not from the angle I sketched at, but I tried to do something different than my other pages, add some shadowing, and add color to the background. My other creative, if it counts, was to re-pot many of my plant. I have had them for quite a while, but haven't had larger pots to plant them in. I found some larger terracotta clay pots for some but I found an old cookie jar at the goodwill, drilled a drain hole in the bottom and re-purposed it as a flower pot.

Annetta | I have SO many collections of cups, mugs and teacups. It took me the whole week to figure out what I'm going to sketch. The prompt was my idea, but when it came time to sketching it I wish I would have never thought of it. The whole thing was a disaster from the first mark. I even texted Stephanie to tell her what a disaster my mugs turned into. She told me what I would have told her, just keep going. So I did and it got worse, but eh, it's just a sketchbook of practice. In the end I made it work and actually like my mess of a sketch. Lesson learned: just keep going! Now that this prompt is over I am thankful that I have a list of some of my favorite cups as most of them will be sold next sunday. For my other creative I went out shooting with my film camera this week. I went to the tulip fields and had a impromptu photo session on a beach with a model. I also finished my hot air balloon and started another one for Stephanie's new baby.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 11 | Magazine

Prompt: Sketch picture from a magazine.

Annetta | I had great difficulty finding something I thought I could sketch. With all the stress of renovating an airstream, selling a house and moving I feel like I've lost my ability to sketch. Of course its all in my mind as when I actually sit down and do it all those thoughts fade away. I ended up sketching a dresser I saw in a past issue of County Living. I love how it turned out, but it did end up having an extra set of draws and the proportions are off. I'm also seeing a style emerge in my sketching that all my own. My other creative this week was doing a new embroidery piece for my sons bunk-bed in the airstream. He'll have a little corner to himself and I think this hot air balloon will be perfect and stands for adventure. Looking at the piece I wish I did it in a bolder color, but I'm sure it will turn out good either way.

Stephanie | I was out of town over the weekend, and even though I planned for it, I had technical difficulties and was unable to post on time. My apologies. I, in a hurry, grabbed a magazine for this prompt to take with me, not realizing I have already pulled out all the inspiring pictures for last years A Year To Inspire 2014 project. So I was rather discouraged, but decided to make the best of it and sketch the cover, its pretty right?! My other creative this week was to find a way to announce some exciting news to my family. I was lucky to have my papa, grandma, sister, and mom all in 1 place together. I have never seen both my papa and grandma together, so this was a fun treat. We were all together to celebrate my girls' birthdays, so this was the perfect time to share our news. I had them line up, hands out, each holding a card face down. In order they were to flip over their card and read it aloud, revealing the surprise. My mom got the riddle right away, almost jumping out of turn, while everyone else needed a few minutes to absorb the news. It was a fun way to reveal we are expecting baby # 3.



Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 10 | Dwelling

Prompt: Sketch a house or building.

Annetta | This week has been full!! We started homeschooling this week and even had a trip to the hospital on top of starting the process of selling our house and renovating our new home, the airstream. With all that said, I've done little creating last week. Since this week most of my outdoor venturing was to the airstream I decided to sketch the house that sits on the property where Gracestream is parked. The house is quit ugly in my opinion because it's a simple box. I'm sure the inside is beautiful and full of character. The barn and property itself are beautiful to look at. My other creative this week was designing the interior of Grace. We've finally settled on plan and are in the process of designing everything in the program called SketchUp. It's a lot of work, but the people who will be actually putting the carpentry together will be ever so grateful!

Stephanie |  I looked online to find some inspiration for this prompt. I found this adorable brick house in Tacoma on Zillow to use. I didn't do any other creatives this week, this week was dedicated to family. Both of my girls have a birthday this month and to celebrate we took a family trip to Great Wolf Lodge for 2 nights of waterpark fun. It was a great, but exhausting trip. Once coming home we spent our time catching up on school work we missed during the week.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 9 | Plants

Prompt: Sketch your favorite plant.

Annetta | I honestly have SO many plants! Last time I counted them I was above 40. I had no I loved plants to much until about two years ago. I'll be selling them all in May so this was a perfect prompt to remember some of my favorite ones. Over the course of the next few month I plan to sketch some more. I ended up sketching my first succulent. They have been so popular on social media that I refused to cave into the hype and buy them. This one was gifted to me by a creative friend. I love it as it sits in a beautiful vintage tin mug. My other creative activity this week was a quick cherry blossom study in my sketchbook. The wonkier the better! I also finished a cross stitch I've been working on to gift to my mother-in-law. It's finally in the mail. I have a few more unfinished projects I plan on finishing up next week. Feels good to get them done!

Stephanie | I have many favorite plants, but cactus have such a personality, plus they looked fun to sketch. :) My other creative this week was 2 other sketches, both were inspired from old Country Living magazines. Both are smaller images in a larger wallpaper pattern. I just picked out different items I wanted to sketch. I m glad I was able to do multiple sketches this week, I really enjoyed trying to recreate these different prints.

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