Saturday, August 29, 2020

Day 242 | Saturday

Annetta | Today I spent around 10 hours editing yesterday's photoshoot for work. During my breaks, I baked burger buns because today's a national holiday and the stores were closed, but the meat was already defrosted. 

Stephanie | So thankful we were able to work out a visit with my sister before she moves off to finish college at a new school. We have had a very restricted (for lack of better words) relationship. It feels so good to just be united together in our views, time, experiences, and love. This is a prayer fulfilled!!


Day 241 | Friday


Stephanie | Did an after hours walk through the Sacramento Zoo tonight. Loving our time together.

Annetta | I went into the vineyards and collected a lot of ripe grapes. These will be made into organic grape juice. 

Day 240 | Thursday


Annetta | With school just days away it is officially starting to feel like fall. The weather is already shifting from summer. 

Stephanie | My sister and her girlfriend are here! I am just so exciting to hang out with them. I had to wait a long time to have this moment, I am beyond thrilled!!


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Day 239 | Wednesday


Stephanie | Trying to get school work done before our guests show up!

Annetta | I finished cleaning my room, but still have a shelf to style and a bookcase to put into order. This weekend we are getting a new wardrobe and I am ready for it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Day 238 | Tuesday


Annetta | A friend is moving into our guestroom and there is a lot of deep cleaning that needs to be done. I tackled the biggest pile of clothes in my bedroom, but as you can see the mess isn't cleaned yet. More to do tomorrow!

Stephanie | Went out to capture the sun in the smoke. While I was out, I discovered a new nesting spot the chickens seem to love laying eggs in. Totally unexpected!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Day 237 | Monday


Stephanie | Working hard to get the house all clean and perfect for our guests.

Annetta | My in-laws and nieces spent the night, but today both my husband and I worked worked the whole day. I'm thankful my sweet mother-in-law made us all lunch!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Day 236 | Sunday


Annetta | I invited my in-laws for a summer concert by the castle, but when we got there they sold out tickets. Instead we went out to eat and got some ice cream. Kinda a bummer, but fun and better in the end.
Stephanie | Finally got some painting done today. I've hated this green color since we moved in. Nothing like house guests to motivate you to get projects done.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Day 235 | Saturday

Stephanie | Working really hard to get the house ready for my sister. I am just so excited she is coming to visit!

Annetta | We decided to go to Family Park on our last free Saturday. 6 hours of rides was a perfect day for us. Tin did even a brave thing and went on the Rat rollercoaster and he hates rollercoasters but ended up on the ride 3 more times.

Day 234 | Friday


Annetta | Fridays are for date nights and for this date night I dressed up. One way to beat the blues about how you look is to dress up and it worked!

Stephanie | The smoke adds a romantic vibe to the area. The entire state is being destroyed by the 300+ fires right now, luckily we have no threat at the moment, just dealing with the smoke and bad air quality.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Day 233 | Thursday


Stephanie | I felt guilty/inspired to catch up on my missing posts. Walked around the property to try and capture the smoke layer that's hanging around due to all the fires, its been insane around here. Thankful for my phone call with Annetta, its been so long since we talked.

Annetta | Nothing's changed, same as yesterday. But I did get to have a nice and long chat with Stephanie and it was the highlight of my week for sure. Thankful she is my friend!

Day 232 | Wednesday


Annetta | It's all been about yummy food today and crochet hexi's. I'm kinda stuck here for now and I don't mind it a bit.
Stephanie | I struggle to find cute little spots in my home. These little roses help make this corner pop.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Day 231 | Tuesday


Stephanie | Saw these tiny roses blooming in all the chaos of this week, so I had to pick them before they die and get destroyed. If you look close, you can see the fallen ash on the leaves from the fires.

Annetta | Today was for all the cozy things. The temperature dropped and the rain poured. Made it perfect for crocheting blankets and reading.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Day 230 | Monday


Annetta | I have been dealing with crazy low blood pressure the last week and today has been no different. I just sat in my chair after work and knitted to give my tired body some rest. It's also surprising to me to be dealing with hypotension. 

Stephanie | Woke up to no power. Then a massive thunderstorm rolled in, right over us. Had the most intense thunder/lightning I have ever experienced. I love thunderstorms, but this frightened me. Sparked many fires throughout the state. Over 100 degrees and no power for 12 hours.



Sunday, August 16, 2020

Day 229 | Sunday

Stephanie | My little bathroom plants. Trying to keep everyone alive.

Annetta | There is something so satisfying to come home to all my projects. I'm even inspired to pick this one up after our trip, but starting work tomorrow sounds like a task I cannot handle. 

Day 228 | Saturday

 Annetta | Today we drove home through the perfect Austrian countryside. There wasn't a town that wasn't filled with flowers, and the cutest homes. 

Stephanie | Signed up for StitchFix last month. This is my 2nd box with some cute clothes. I have no good clothes, and I don't feel good in them. I splurged and ordered this for myself. I am hoping to get some cute/fashionable clothes that fit without having to shop. yay!

Day 227 | Friday


Stephanie | Found some pretties in the middle of town while doing some grocery shopping.

Annetta | Despite it raining today, we still managed to find a bit of sunshine and go swimming in the lake. Well, I didn't swim, but the boys did. 

Day 226 | Thursday


Annetta | I honestly didn't take a SINGLE picture this day! So here is a still from a video that I did do of my husband and I reading our morning bible study together. 
Stephanie | First day of school. Can't believe they are all finally in school,...if only they physically went to school and didn't do distance learning. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Day 225 | Wednesday

 Stephanie | Last sunset of summer for us. School starts tomorrow. 

Annetta | I think we have gone to the lake to go swimming every single day. After 4pm the storms roll in, but it's swimming time before that.

Day 224 | Tuesday

 Annetta | We biked into town today for some ice cream and exploring. Austrian town are so picturesque.  

Stephanie | More baby chicks are hatching! 

Monday, August 10, 2020

Day 223 | Monday


Stephanie | Working on some school practice sheets. Getting our school room situated and enrollment forms turned in. Going to be a interesting year.

 Annetta | I love this view from the castle. The hills, town and clouds really make this view never get old.

Day 222 | Sunday

Annetta | On our way to the castle (where we will be staying) we stopped by for lunch in a cute Austrian town. Tin got a chance to splash around in the fountain as it was 91 degrees out.

Stephanie | Wishing I was still at the beach and not at home facing all my responsibilities.


Day 221 | Saturday

 Stephanie | Sawyer wants to stay in bed all day. Works for me!

Annetta | We went on our vacation a day early so that we could cut the road trip in half. We stopped by in Semmering, Austria, and enjoyed this slice of heaven in the mountains. 

Friday, August 7, 2020

Day 220 | Friday


Annetta | Today I filmed a little for my Youtube channel. I plan on doing weekly videos with videos of my day or family trips and bible verses that speak to my heart. 

Stephanie | The prettiest spot in Marysville, Ellis Lake.


Day 219 | Thursday

Stephanie | A wooden boardwalk along the cliff side, surrounded by wild lupine, a salty breeze and waves crashing along the rocks, perfection.

Annetta | After lunch we drove four hours back home. This year was a short year at the summer cottage, but very much special in many ways. 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Day 218 | Wednesday

Annetta | Today was all about photoshoots. I took a few country self-portraits and then had a photo shoot with all the cousins. We had an 80x50 canvas printed of the kids and will hang it up in the summer cottage. 

Stephanie | Had to leave the beach and go home. So sad. The beach is our happy place and its been so hard being so far from it in California.

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