Thursday, December 31, 2020

Day 366 | Thursday

Annetta | And that is that, our last post of 2020! What a memory this will be to look back on. we documented a year that was different than any other. This year I got pregnant after trying for far too many years and then lost that pregnancy at 9 weeks. I've gained friends and am so so thankful that Stephanie and I have this project to keep us connect wit life pulls us apart. She is truly the dearest friend that anyone could have! 

Stephanie | We did it! Cheers to that! Cheers to a New Year and the end of 2020! This project was rough at times, but I am glad we stuck with it, even if we were days late on posting. Even it not all of my images posted were actually taken that day (oops). We did it and I will be so happy to have this memory to look back on. Thanks Annetta for another fabulous project and another year of friendship.

Day 365 | Wednesday

Stephanie | Out with the old, in with the new. Real and messy.

Annetta | Today I left myself crochet until noon before continuing on with the to-do list. It's the first time I've sat down this vacation to do something for myself. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Day 364 | Tuesday

Annetta | Lots to do today with the end of 2020 coming in a few days. I've left some big work projects until the very end including this one. 

Stephanie | General house clean up and end of year wrap up. That weird transition time between Christmas and New Years.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Day 363 | Monday

Stephanie | Talked on the phone with Annetta today, its only been FOREVER! Worked out our plans for next years project.

Annetta | We went for a forest walk for some much needed fresh air. Coming across the ice storm was a bonus and beautiful site. Luckily this specific location is at a walkable distance from my house!

Day 362 | Sunday

Annetta | It's been some time now since I've gone on a long walk. It was so good to do so when the sun was shining. 

Stephanie | Drove up to LaPorte for a snow day. The snow was iced over making it easy to walk on, but very hard if you hit a dip from the snowmobile tracks. It was good to get out and enjoy the snowy beauty.

Day 361 | Saturday

Stephanie | Took it easy today to just rest and do nothing. Being sick over Christmas is rough with all the things to do to make it fun for the kids. I powered through and did everything, and now I rest. Thankful to be feeling better also.

Annetta | I've been trying to grow my own sprouts. Today I taste-tested ONE little sprout and it hit my liver with the most serious pain. Giving birth felt like a breeze compared to the weakness, pain, and sweats I felt. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Day 360 | Friday

Annetta | Went to the in-loves for Christmas. So thankful that we have this day to celebrate with the family. It's a saving grace for me living in Slovakia. I love my husband's family. They are the best. 

Stephanie | Merry Christmas! The kids got all that they asked for and are so happy! They are learning some teamwork as they try to play Minecraft together on the new Nintendo Switch.

Day 359 | Thursday

Stephanie | Christmas Eve. All ready for Santa to visit. Drove to see a house all lit up with lights and said a prayer thanking God for the birth of Jesus. Watched a few movies and made our cookies. Somehow managed to do all the things while sick for the 5th year in a row!

Annetta | I baked cookies for our new neighbors who moved in a few days ago. It's good to make new neighbor friends! Our Christmas Eve was a Mario Kart party with chips and Radlers. I miss celebrating with my family. They knew how to do it right.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Day 358 | Wednesday


Annetta  | Every year I take a coffee picture by my Christmas tree. It one of my favorite traditions especially when I put to years side by side. This year our tree is tiny, but we love it nonetheless. 

Stephanie | Homemade eggnog and fudge. I've never made eggnog before, nor do I particularly like it, but my hubby does, so I made a batch. He says its better that store bought. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Day 357 | Tuesday


Stephanie | Started off foggy still this morning, but cleared up. We even got to see the planets after sunset.

Annetta | It's been so wet lately and on our walk to the store it rained, but I still was able to drag my big boy to the store with me. Mommy win!

Monday, December 21, 2020

Day 356 | Monday

Annetta | I had a little bit of time for creativity and made a little video for my IG. I've been working non-stop it seems and life has been full of my jobs. The creative time was needed!

Stephanie | Bought some new roses, bulbs, and blueberry bushes for the garden. Got them all planted and enjoyed our time outside. As soon as we came in the house, the fog rolled in, real thick. Can hardly see anything. Was hoping to see Saturn and Jupiter join together to make the superstar, but that won't happen.  

Day 355 | Sunday

Stephanie | I just had to get out of the house today. I couldn't stand it. Everything and everyone was annoying me, so I left to clear my mind. I don't know if it fully helped.

Annetta | It was a relaxing Sunday with lockdown church online and nature walk for fresh air. Since we are stuck inside our activities are Nintendo Switch and nature walks.

Day 354 | Saturday

Annetta | Today is day one of our country wide lockdown. Tin's school started their vacation earlier than planned. He's been on the couch for some days now.

Stephanie | On a hunt today to find snow gear for the kids. Hoping to get into the mountains during break and play in the snow. Also got to watch the start of the light parade in Oroville totally by accident and came home to watch Miracle on 34th Street. 

Day 353 | Friday

Stephanie | Last day of school for the kids, officially on holiday break until next year.

Annetta | I am seriously counting down the days until my vacation starts, but that's not until next week. I am so over work and am happy that I have decided to give up my part-time job in March! Is it March yet?!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Day 352 | Thursday

Annetta | I went into the city to model and photograph for my photography job. We are a few days away from a hard lockdown so it's all last minute and on a time crunch. 

Stephanie | Real foggy this morning. Taking the kids to school up the hill got really bad, barely visible at 50ft. Really pretty though.

Day 351 | Wednesday

Stephanie | Been up since 3am. I hate when I get like this and have all these unresolved thoughts and emotions floating around in my mind.

Annetta | I went to get my nails done today and ran into my son coming home from school. We went home together. It was a beautiful random moment in the city. I am also thankful that we live in a place where my son can go to school downtown safely and by himself. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Day 350 | Tuesday

Annetta | My days are very routine. Get the kid up and out of the house. Work, eat lunch, go for a jog. Clean the house and work on photography. Go back to work, but first make the kid a snack. Finish work and get dinner ready. Free evening to whatever. That's my day!

Stephanie | Working on finishing up the blog. Its almost come to an end. I have to go back and fill in some days I've missed along the way.  

Day 349 | Monday

Stephanie | The girls recorded their story of Christmas for the church today. Excited to see how it turns out.

Annetta | In order to have my naturopath's permission to get pregnant (I'm closely working with one) I need to drink 6-8 cups of water a day. It's been a tough challenge, but I am working on it!

Day 348 | Sunday

Annetta | I finally received my favorite magazine! Just in time for the winter holidays. Now I have an American magazine I love and a Czech one. 

Stephanie | Was finally able to get a small fence up for the goat pen. Trying to drive a 6ft T-post into solid clay in hot weather didn't work well for us. We got a little rain which helped soften the ground enough to get the job done. Was rewarded with this gorgeous sunset.

Day 347 | Saturday

Stephanie | Did a drive-thru Christmas event on base. Got a social distanced photo with Santa and Grinch and each kid got a gift. Also picked up a new sucker fish to help with keeping our glow tank clean.

Annetta | Squeezed in a mini annual family shoot in bed before heading out to see the in-loves. These memories will be so worth it!

Day 346 | Friday

 Annetta | I spent my day recording a video for work and editing it. It's on my Youtube Channel. 

Stephanie | Purple tulips in December?! Yes please!

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Day 345 | Thursday

Stephanie | Got some errands done, did some housework, found a goat who is sick or injured, and finished wrapping up some gifts.

Annetta | The highlights of my day was playing with puppets at work and later a jog all by myself. I am living an exciting life at the moment. 

Day 344 | Wednesday

Annetta | Our Christmas present showed up! It's the first time we have a tv since we started traveling in an airstream 5 years ago. 

Stephanie | This is how Shea feels about trying to finish school and not just play games on the tablets all day.

Day 343 | Tuesday

Stephanie | Went out and finished the very last of my Christmas shopping. Yay! Ended up getting a migraine and our internet went out for unknown reasons.

Annetta | Tin's friend from school came over. I am so thankful that he finally has friends that come to our place to hangout. It's a dream of mine for him since we uprooted him from America. 

Monday, December 7, 2020

Day 342 | Monday

Annetta | I am so thankful for these ladies in my life! They are the friends I've been praying for years now and here they are! Book study nights are always refreshing to my soul. 

Stephanie | A 2 hour phone call with a friend put our school work way behind schedule today. Gets a little stressful to do bath time, dinner prep/eating, kitchen clean up, and school work at all the same time.

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