Sunday, August 25, 2019

Week 34 | Daisy Granny Square + Quilt Top

Week 34 | Daisy Granny Square + Quilt Top

Annetta | Wow, we are almost finished with 8 months of this year-long project. Like always, it's been one tough ride. These yearly projects are never easy no matter what creative field you choose. Anyway, I am plugging along with my squares while still joining my first granny square blanket from the first half of this project. This weeks square was fun, but I realized it's too blue. I did only crochet two and still have two more to do. The next two will have the same daisy colors, but the background will be turquoise. In the end, there will be four blue and four turquoise daisy granny squares. My pile of squares are growing, but in the end, I think it will end up being a small blanket because the squares in and of themselves are fairly small.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was a chill week, but rough. I came home from our trip to Austria with an infected foot that had forced me to stay off of it this whole past week. A favorite moment was when I made myself get out of the house for about 10 minutes on Friday. I grabbed by camera and went for a very slow walk with my son and dog. It felt so great to leave the house even if it hurt.

Stephanie | Earlier this week I was wanting to sew, but I didn't want to start a new block, so I decided to start putting my 1st quilt top together. I first laid out all the blocks in order in which they were made, but the colors were very sporadic and I needed to rearrange them to spread the colors around evenly. I still need to finish embroidering the Autograph block in the center.

Favorite moment of the week: This was the first full week of the school year. With that came the back to school night. I loved visiting the classrooms and hearing about the things the teachers have planned. I mostly loved how excited my girls were to show me their rooms and the things they have done/made already. My hubby and I also worked on making a coat tree for the front door. Once it has its finishing touches I will post a picture. We also scored some new trees and roses at Home Depot for only $10 each!!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Week 33 | Sawtooth Star + The Aztec Granny Square

Week 33 | Sawtooth Star + The Aztec Granny Square

Stephanie | So now that I am repeating all of the blocks, I look back at my first round and try to come up with different color options so I don't end up with matching blocks. I didn't do that this time, I just went for it. I like the teal/pink color combo. I dont like how the flying geese come together, they are never quite right, the instructions for them in this book kinda make me mad.

Favorite moment of the week: Finally getting the kids sent off to school, now we are getting back into a routine and it feels great. We also had some friends over for dinner and I got to snuggle their new baby the whole time, it was a great night.

Annetta | This weeks square was easy peasy and to tell you the truth, I needed an easy peasy one plus quick. I also like the looks of this square. I've decided to make all four of my squares the same color and not change it up on each square. When I make the next four squares I'll do the color change then. The only thing that I did differently is I added the row of white to bring my stitch count to 22 stitches like the rest of the squares. I'm looking forward to this one in the next round of four.

Favorite moment of the week: This week we went on our last vacation. It really wasn't a vacation, but a conference that we went to, but it was in the Austria Alps and super gorgeous. We stayed at the conference centre almost the whole (the conference centre was a castle). There was one day where we went into a canyon that took up 2,000 meters up with a wooden boardwalk and stair while a ragging river roared below. There were so many favorite moments this week, but this one was one of them.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Week 32 | The Compass Granny Square + Squared Up

Week 32 | The Compass Granny Square + Squared Up

Annetta | I've had a full week with so many personal projects from photobooks to new sweater because I feel like I want to be ready for fall this year plus many people came to stay with us this week. I therefore only managed to crochet one square this week and not 4 like I was supposed to. I did catch up on my squares last week so I am sure I will catch up yet again. This weeks square was a new one for me. It wasn't hard, but there were moments where I really needed to focus on what I was doing and having a house full of guests didn't help things. I've done a lot of circle squares, but this one seemed to have so many stitches that it kinda took a while to get through the whole square. I am happy that this square looks more like the heart one I did a couple of weeks ago. I'm amazed at how quickly my granny square pile is growing.

Favorite moment of the week: I actually enjoyed a trip to IKEA this week. There were some fancy frames that I wanted from there so we went on Monday. When we got to the picture frame section I couldn't find what I was looking for and realized I was too late as they must have discontinued the frames I wanted to purchase. It was a sad moment as I walked through the rest of IKEA deflated trying to figure out what I will do with that empty spot in the entryway. The frames were going to be so perfect there! Upon reaching checkout I told my husband I was going to check the discount section to see if a miracle was waiting for me there and I would find the frames I wanted. After slowly walking through the whole discount section with all of its odds and ends I see two boxed items near the floor. I didn't see the frames, but I KNEW that those two brown cardboard boxed held the last TWO frames in all of Europe. I picked up the boxes and squealed. I must have looked funny as people turned around to stare. PEOPLE, the two frames that I wanted were sitting right there waiting for me and they were on sale!!! I mean come on! That was my favorite moment of the week. I didn't realize how big the frames were but upon hanging them they fit just perfectly. And can I say THANK YOU JESUS!! Yea... I'm pretty excited about this big love hug from God.

Stephanie | This week has been such a blur that I didn't get to my sewing until today. Its a busy season right now with back to school prepping that my focus hasn't been sewing or anything else. I like the fabric choice for this block this round. I can't even remember what I did last time, but I like it this time. I like the contrast between the dark navy corners and the tiny pop of pink. I haven't even used this green fabric, so it was fun to play with it, I think it adds just the right amount of green to blend in with the floral feel.

Favorite moment of the week: This week are are swimming in chicken eggs as the babies really get into laying. And we bought a new car. It was time to upgrade, our Tahoe wasn't meeting our needs anymore and it was blasting hot air only which is no fun when its 100+ degrees out.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Week 31 | Hole in the Barn Door + Sunshine Square

Week 31 | Hole in the Barn Door + Sunshine Square

Stephanie | When I made this block last time, I used only red tones. I wanted more contrast this time around. It took a while to come up with a good color combo. Some times I feel I have too many color options and sometimes it seems like I don't have enough. This is where it felt like I didn't have enough. I ended up picking this dark navy and the contrast and a floral beige. I hadn't used either one hardly at all this whole project. The more I look at it the more I like it together.

Favorite moment of the week: This has been a crazy week. School is starting up soon, so I am in mass cleaning and purging mode right now trying to get ready. Sorting all kids clothes to see what we need to buy for them, cleaning and organizing bedrooms, and a 2nd round of lice (in the last month) thrown in the mix, its been crazy.  I can't think if a favorite moment...

Annetta | I left last Sunday for the family cottage across the country and have been gone all week. I just got back a few hours ago and realized the week didn't go as planned. I had planned to crochet all my square at the cottage, but there were other priorities that needed taking care of and therefore never got to it. When we came home I worked up my first square of the week! I realized I made a mistake and have to redo the square, but all in all, I like the pattern for this week. Tomorrow I plan to finish the other three I was supposed to get done, but for now, this one will have to do.

Favorite moment of the week: Like I said, I've been at the family cottage all week. My favorite moment from that week was going to dinner with all of my husbands family from his father's side. After 10 years of being married that side of the family are still like strangers to be, but after this week I don't feel that way anymore and that is a great feeling! The cottage itself is filled with family memories and treasures as they value handmade.

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