Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 333 | Book Review

Prompt: Share a book you recently completed. What did you learn from it?

Stephanie | I just finished the book 'For Men Only' (Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn) last night and I was almost in tears. This is the companion book to 'For Women Only' which I have read a few times. These books are designed to help men and women better understand the opposite sex, the things they want and need in order to feel loved. I ordered this book for my husband because I loved the women's version and found it helpful, I thought this would be equally beneficial for him. I wanted to read it too to see how accurate it was to my wants and needs. I was almost in tears because it spoke everything I feel and think. I would strongly suggest these books to anyone who wants to learn more about their spouse or partner. They are not books that point out all you or your spouses flaws and tells you have to deal with them, those books -to me- are not helpful. These books explain how men and women are wired and designed, why we act the way we do, if your spouse is reacting this way, its because of this. They talk about the different struggles and pressure each sex faces and why. They are very easy books to read and very helpful.

Annetta | "After the child's needs of love and nourishment are provided for, the child plays." I've been reading a new book that I started to help us in our homeschool venture called 'For The Children's Sake'. Yes, I haven't completed it, but there was the part about child's play that changed a few things for me at the way I look at how my son plays. I think in our day and age it's really good to read these few thoughts that the book has on play. I've been needing to learn how to invest into my child's future by raising him for life and not just for a 'job'. I'm excited to get deeper into the thoughts and ideas shared in this book!

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