Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 313 | Endless Money

Prompt: If I had an endless supply of money I would....

Stephanie | I would do all the things I have always wanted to do but couldn't because Ive never had the money. I would spoil my friends and family. Build our dream house. Travel the world. Give to those who need it to build up their lives, some charity or those I came across in life. 

Annetta | If I had an endless supply of money I would make sure my husband didn't have to work at a job another day of his life. We would pack up and go to France with the whole family where I can have a farm and a huge rose garden. I would spend my day traveling Europe with my family and photographing the things that make me happy. With that money I would also make sure that we are doing for others just as much as for ourselves. Money isn't to keep, but its to give away as we are blessed to be a blessing.

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