Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 314 | Favorite Fruit

Prompt: What is your favorite fruit?

Stephanie | I don't eat many fruits since I prefer veggies. Apples would be my favorite fruit, but I like them sliced, not whole, I wont bite into a whole apple. Fuji apples are my favorite and I love apples made in pies and other sweets. 

Annetta | You will rarely find me snacking on fruits as I eat and love vegetables, but you will see me eat pomegranates by the pounds every year. I love pomegranates! Everything about then is just so wonderful. I think one time I had eat three huge ones in one sitting. I have a special way I like to eat them and it makes me smile to see my son take after me and love them as much as I do. The best gift I received was pomegranates from my friends yard in Arizona.

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