Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 327 | November Mail Day

Prompt: $10 or less thrift shop find for the office or home:

Annetta | I have a love for spoiling Stephanie. I know that the gift was for $10 or less, but goodness I find some great stuff for her. I've given her a gift of my first found treasure. I really love this gift, but it will bless me more if she has it. It's always better to give then to receive because when you give the present is two fold and intangible.

Stephanie | I picked out something I think Annetta will really like. I wanted to get something I thought would fit her home well, she could use, and photograph. One gift I think is totally her style and will fit right in at her house. The other gift I almost don't want to give because it is so cute and I just love it, but it will make me more happy to give her this item.

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