Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 325 | Watercolor

Prompt: Watercolor whats around you.

Annetta | Today I bought some paperwhites for the first time. I want them to start growing in vases I'll have along my table for my holiday tablescape. I've been wanting to buy some every year, but this will be my first year actually having them and watching them bud. I personally am in love with rough and quick sketches, scribble and doodles that you will find in sketchbooks. I love well formed pieces of art, but quick beautiful messes will always have my heart.

Stephanie | My idea was to paint my cute little poinsettia plant I have sitting on my desk. But after waking up at 4 am, I have not been the best with time today. The day kinda got away from me, and 20 minutes before taking my daughter to art class (too dark to photograph when I get home) I tried my best to sketch out and paint my beautiful plant. I had high hopes for myself with this prompt, but my lack of time, and severe lack of skill have left me with a rather disappointing painting. 

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