Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 332 | Nov Mail Call

Prompt: Share what you received from November Mail Day.

Stephanie | Annetta never ceases to amaze me with her generosity. This painting is one I have admired in her home many times, its just so beautiful, and one of her favorite treasures. She chose to gift this pretty painting to me! I am also excited about my new magazine Where Women Create, I have flipped through it before in stores, but was never able to purchase one for myself. Annetta gives the best gifts and has the sweetest heart!

Annetta | I love the thought Stephanie puts into her gifts. She seems to know just what I need and like. She got me the beautiful scarf and the colors are there are so inspiring! I'm happy that she didn't keep it and gave it to me as I just might have kept it if I were her. She also got me a cup and teapot! I've been putting my teas into a teapot and enjoying the never ending cups of tea lately so her gift was perfect!

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