Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 319 | Day In Pictures

Prompt: Share your day in pictures.

Stephanie | Today was all about taking Christmas pictures, for my family and for our friends Jennie and Richard.  The first session was for my family which was basically a nightmare. Neither girl wanted to cooperate at the same time, Shealynn was having a meltdown over everything, our dog Moose was too excited to sit still, and I had to set the timer and run in place to be in the pictures. It was overwhelming to say the least, but at least we were all dressed real cute and festive and the sun was shinning. I love the 'out take' of my hubby and the girls, Syri is very serious while Shea is acting crazy, shows my family pretty well. Jennie and Richard's session was much calmer and super cute. I am excited to look though all of their images.

Annetta | Today my husband and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. We spent half of our week on the coast of Oregon. Today we drove home, but took the back roads to explore Oregon a little more. The back roads took us on a gravel road that followed a river most of the time. The landscape was gorgeous and we stopped many times for that perfect picture. On the trip I took 2 digital cameras and 2 film cameras. We both had fun capturing the beauty around us. This has been one of the best anniversary getaways that we've had as they do get better and better with each year. With the both of us I think we walked out of there with 1,000 plus images. I'll also be making a video from our trip. Cannon Beach is now on my top list to visit as much as I can as that place was amazing!

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