Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 320 | Next Big Step

Prompt: Tell me about the next big step you are going to take towards your dreams.

Annetta | Film Photography was my next big step towards my dreams. I went another step forward and purchased a vintage polaroid. I've purchased modern polaroids, but have not enjoyed the results. The fact that I'm using something that's no longer made makes me very happy. It's not the one that I want as that *might* come this Christmas, but it will get to a place where I can discover inspiration and how it works through digital and film photography. I'm all about inspiration and photography is one way to get anyone inspired. Hopefully the things that I discover this coming up year will be a good foundation to that book I plan on writing someday. I now own a 35mm film camera, a twin-lens camera and my new polaroid land camera, hello inspiration!

Stephanie | One of my goals is to continue working to clean up or debt so we are able to purchase our large lot of land and have our dream home. Another goal I want to work towards is finally opening my etsy shop I created a few years ago and sell handmade items and pictures. I need to work towards making some money in the new year and this is a way that I can do that.

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