Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 328 | Quiet Time

Give yourself 20-30 minuets of quiet time, what did you do?

Stephanie | I am not one who is good at taking quiet time for myself. Since starting the school year in September, my daughter goes out of the house for art, music, and other school things during the week. This gives me 4 different times to do something for myself. I let my little one play fun games on my phone while we wait and I keep busy by reading or working on my cross stitch projects. I make progress on my current stitching project today. I look forward to these little quiet moments, even though I am not alone, I get to work on things just for my and Shea gets to have her treat of phone time while big sissy is doing her school stuff.

Annetta | My favorite thing to do is find some time to myself. I don't always get it, but there are serval days out of a week where I can carve some time out for myself. That is the benefit of having one child I guess. My most favorite thing to do is to cross stitch. I've been doing it for a year now and have become quite attached to this hobby. While cross stitching I love to watch a good show or a movie. This, to me, is relaxing and I find lots of joy that I can relax, create and be productive as something I love.

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