Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 312 | Feeling

Prompt: How are you feeling today?

Annetta | Today I am feeling blessed and very happy. Not only did the sunshine come out for a some time, but my family and I went on a beautiful fall walk around Greenlake. We went for hot chocolate first before taking on the 3 mile walk. It was SO beautiful! Spending time with my family makes my world a very happy place! I even got to forage some beautiful berries and pines for a wreath.

Stephanie | Today I feel hurt, sad, insecure, less than, vulnerable, ashamed, broken, tired, defeated, weak, misunderstood, at zero. I have been feeling rather good lately, I have been working really hard on improving some areas in my life, but situations that arose during the night and early this morning have worn me thin and crushed the little confidence I had built up, making this especially hard to process right now. 

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