Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 321 | Something New

Prompt: Tell me about a time you tried something new.

Stephanie | A few weeks ago hubby and I went out for a dinner date. We enjoyed a nice sushi dinner, one of our faves. I am usually very cautious about the foods I eat, I don't like anything "strange" or at least strange to me. Growing up it was a lot of casserole dishes and it carried between chicken hamburger, pork chops and can tuna. And I've been ok with that. But I married a man who enjoys eating all those things I think are just a little strange and even gross. Over the course of our marriage he has introduced me to some new food items that I actually enjoy, but there are several on the list I am not brave enough to try, yet. So on our sushi date, I was brave and tried an eel roll for the first time, and kinda liked it. Not sure it would be my first pick when we order again, but I wouldn't shy away like I have in the past.

Annetta | Last week while on our trip to the coast for our anniversary my husband and I were trying to find a good place to have lunch. Instead of lunch we stumbled upon a 'restaurant' that does a cooking class/show. You sign up for four courses! First off, it was our first time having four courses as I can barely manage to finished one. Second off, this cooking class/show was the first for the both of us. Not only was the food incredibly delicious that I eat almost all the courses, but we learned some great things. Next time I go out to buy beef it will be grass-fed and not pasture-raised as there is a huge difference. The interesting thing was, a few month back I was telling my husband how I would like to try dining out and having a full course dinner. I got my wish! Its good to try new things.

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