Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 317 | Family Occasion

Prompt: In as much detail as you can tell me about a memorable family occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday party etc. Add a photo if possible.

Annetta | My husband and I celebrate our 6 years of marriage this Saturday so I'm going to say our wedding day. I don't only remember how beautiful it was, but a few other things that made the day not so beautiful. The important part was it was one day and my marriage has been far more precious then anything I could have hoped for. Here's to many and a many more years to go with the man who helps me be a better me!

Stephanie |  Right after my husband I were married he was sent off to Iraq for a year. When he came home that was the first time we experienced married life, the first time we lived together. One of the first outings we had was to the beach. Our little family had been reunited and were ready to begin our lives together. We were pregnant shortly after so this picture was one of a few where it was just my husband and I, safe and together.

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