Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 324 | Banish Room

Prompt: What are somethings you would put into the banish room, never to be in existence again.

Stephanie | Some things I wish I could banish are: Leaf blowers (they are so outrageously loud and are only used at the worst possible times), Spiders, Wearing socks with sandals, People who can't return shopping carts to the store or cart corral, The Geico pig commercials (or all Geico commercial, not including the hump day one, that's hilarious), Jaywalkers when there is a cross walk nearby or when they purposely dart out in front of traffic, Pedestrians and bikers who walk/ride in the road rather than the edge/sidewalk and who can't walk straight, Spitting, Smoking and chewing tobacco, Using speakerphone in public, Election ads, Child abusers and sex offenders, Spam email and blocked phone calls, Roads without proper sidewalks and lighting.     

Annetta | I wold banish many things. I could make a really long list of them, but I won't. I believe that a place like that already exists. I do love Stephanie's list though!!

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  1. Stephanie, i love your list... would use all but the roads without sidewalks because country roads are so beautiful. thanks for sharing.


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