Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 309 | Biggest Decision

Prompt: What is the biggest decision you made today / this week / this month / or this year?

Stephanie | The biggest decisions I have been making lately is to put my marriage first. Making my husband feel loved and respected. I have made the decision to read books that focus on improving your self and your marriage. They are showing me how marriage works and what doesn't. I am not a reader, but I have made the choice to learn and improve things to help me have the marriage I want. I have also made the choice recently to replace some "bad" things with other positive things, either not being around certain people, watching certain shows, etc that don't provide any benefit to my life and focus on my family, books, and other positive things. The things that will matter when I am 80 are the things I am trying to focus my time on, my husband, our marriage, and our kids.      

Annetta | One of my biggest decisions this past few months was to see correction as a form of love. I've been studying correction and how it relates to love. It's been life changing what I have discovered! Most people hate corrections, they will have none of it, but when we are corrected it is done to make us better. One of my favorite quotes and what I hold on to is, "for whom the Lord loves, He corrects." I've been corrected many times in my life and many of them have hurt, they have also made me a much better person. I have chosen to love correction and not despise it.

(My journal is getting too big to photograph so please excuse the not so cute journal pictures as it's busting at the seams. I've also used up my big journal to the very last page and now left with my smaller one.)

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