Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 362 | Look Back on 365

Prompt: Looking back over the last year take your top three posts, most favorite, least favorite and most challenging. Explain each.

Stephanie | My top 3 are...

Most favorite: Day 249 Afraid One of my favorite posts is this drawing of a girl. I originally drew this from a post I saw on pinterest, I loved the idea of the sketch, but hated how my version turned out. I almost painted or taped over it but left it in my sketchbook for a while, but then I decided to paint the sketch and apply it to this post, which fit perfectly, plus it was very popular on pinterest, the post that almost never was.  
Least favorite: Day 130 Colors This is one of my least favorites because it was such a throw together post that is not pretty at all. I wish I had more time to make this page something specials.
Most challenging: Day 224 10 Minutes of Writing This was one of the hardest and easiest posts to write. I love how my messy paint work ended up because it visually shows what my words were trying to share. My deepest piece of me that I try to keep under wraps, but the part of me that takes the most control. I am thankful that I shared this raw and honest side of myself and was able to see I am not completely alone in my loneliest of times.

Annetta | My top three are:

Most favorite:  Day 193 Biggest Adventure Honestly, it was so hard to pick just one favorite. I didn't realize how many pages I am actually proud of creating. I also realized that my favorite journal pages are from my bigger notebook where I had more space to create in. The reason I picked the one with the bird is because I am just in love with all that white and the pops of color. It's a simple, but gorgeous page all at the same time filled with beautiful scribbles. 
Least favorite: Day 144 People You Are Grateful For This one has got to be my least favorite page ever. Even the worst prompts are better then what I did here! I remember we decided to take a last minute weekend trip to my uncles winery and this is all I could do on the way over before it got dark. The only thing I brought with me was colored pens. I'm not sure why I didn't bring something more. The picture was even take in the car on the way over. Talk about a cop-out post! It was a great prompt though.
Most challenging: Day 69 Cage Of Fears was very challenging for me. I do not like to put my fears out there as it's something that I'm working on overcoming. My fears used to be strong, but with God I've been overcoming them this year. Any post that had to deal with death of my fears were the WORST to work on and the most challenging for me this past year.


  1. I wish I'd found this blog earlier in the year! Looking forward to your project next year :)

  2. I have really enjoyed your posts via e-mail!


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