Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 359 | Full Happy Jar

Prompt: Take out all the fun memories you put into your happy jar and share them.

Stephanie |
Jan 4: Annetta and family come over for dinner and games, BBQ pork shoulder and skipbo
Feb 2: Watched and photographed Justine's babies birth
Feb 12: Syri looses 1st tooth
March 1: Setting up brand new bunk-beds, get text that we were exposed to lice, must wash everything, late night!!
March 2: Syri drives truck from mailbox to the house, she loves it
March 15: Celebrate girls birthdays by having family day in Seattle with the Space Needle, Duck Boats, Monorail and Pikes Place Market with Auntie CC
March 17: Shealynn learns to put popcorn kernels in her nose
March 19: Take Shealynn to ER thinking she has popcorn kernel in her ear, has double ear infection instead
March 22: Meet and Great with Anna and Elsa
March 24: Syri has double ear infection
March 29: Learn Shealynn is allergic to amoxicillin
May 22-24: Camping trip to Belfair with our new tent
May 26: Memorial Day Run to Remember 5K in DuPont with Corinne, Chrissy, Nikki and families
June 28: Run or Dye color run 5K with family in Tacoma
July 21: Dash Point State Park with Riley girls, Perfect temp, sandy beach, and warm water, lost beach fast but so fun
Aug 3: Boat Day on American Lake.Syri and Shea's 1st time on a boat. 84+ degrees out and perfect. Syri swam on her own in the warm sandy water and Shea bounced in the big waves with Mommy. Moose also jumped in the water, right off the dock
Aug 6: Shea has double ear infection and strep throat
Aug 10: Mommy and girls floated down the river for the 1st time with Nikki and family
Aug 22-24: Camping trip to Westport
Aug 29: Family trip to Yakima to see Gramma, Auntie CC, Papa, and Gramma Julie. Surprised CC with our visit
Sept 3: 1st day of kindergarten for Syri
Sept 14: Hiked Mt Baker with Annetta
Sept ??: Syri started swim class
Oct 11: Tornado touched down in Pierce County
Oct 17: Field trip to Pumpkin Patch with Syri's class
Oct 26: 1st time at the Apple Festival, the apple fritters are amazing!
Nov 1: Watched Auntie CC perform at dance competition, took Gold
Nov 1: Have A Year To Inspire published in Artful Blogging Magazine
Nov 15: 1st time getting pictures with Santa
Nov 23: Walked Fantasy Lights with Annetta and family, dinner and hot cocoa
Dec 10: Family Day at Mt Rainier, found snow at Paradise Park, saw waterfalls and deer and got soaked from all the rain
Dec 24: Christmas Eve, drove Fantasy Lights with Uncle JJ, Shea cried most of the time

Annetta | I didn't keep up with my memory jar. I did think about it, but for whatever reason forgot we were going to share the memories, if I remembered it would have helped me keep on track.
Jan 4: Driving around looking at country houses and going to Stephanie's for game night. Lots of fun!!
Jan 8: Augustin's mini birthday party at his preschool with lots of balloons
Jan 11: My 30th birthday with my friends and games after
Feb 11: First workout of the year with my mom
Feb 19: Bought a film camera! Submitted Augustin's video to a Disney competition
March 29: Spending the weekend with Laurie. It was amazing!
June 27: Go to a live CreativeLive workshop to make flower arrangements
July 7: Pursuit Seattle Shoot & Gather, success!
July 23: Leaving for a 3 week trip to Slovakia
July 13: Augustin's first soccer practice
Aug 26: Lunch with the amazing Georgianna Lane
Sep 1: Hike with the Anderson family followed by dinner, what a wonderful day!
Sep 14: Photography day with Stephanie. Always my favorite trips and person!

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