Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 338 | Yesterday

Prompt: Yesterday I ....

Stephanie | Yesterday I... drank lots of coffee but was still sleepy all day. Worked on school lessons with my daughter, and completed my journal. Made shopping/ Christmas-y plans with Annetta. Got creative with dinner making a hodge-podge of scraps since I didn't want to go shopping. And cleaned, sorted, and organized my bedroom and closet.

Annetta | Yesterday I... brought my son lunch to his preschool(daddy forgot it at home) and then went to the Flower Market to get some pretty blooms for a collaboration. When we got home I made a yummy lunch and took a nap. Then a miracle happened, I showered (I don't like getting wet)! I stitched a Christmas piece for the collaboration while watching CreativeLive. In the evening I met up with a photography friend and we went out for sushi, enjoying a good conversation. It was a great day!

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