Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 339 | Performed

Prompt: Share a time when you performed in front of an audience.

Annetta | I'm not much of a singer, dancer or actress. My performances are rare, few and far in-between. I have taught a class on Instagram before to more then 50 ladies. I wouldn't call that a 'performance', but I did have an audience. It was a little nerve wracking, but rewarding.

Stephanie |  I am not a performer, I like to watch others, its out of my comfort zone to have the spot light on me, I avoid it at all costs. However, I think there is a performer in me somewhere, deep down. Deep, deep, deep down. But she stays hidden. But I have performed a few time, in my younger days. When I was in elementary school I performed in the choir and bell choir performances, and in 5th grade I performed a skit in the talent show. In middle school, my grandma put on a production called 'Wannabe Theater', which was basically a talent show for adults, one year I got brave enough to sing with a friend during the show. In High School I performed with my choir at our concerts and when we went to competitions. And I also participated in Solo/Ensemble which is a competitive event, but was requited to letter in choir (the only thing I lettered in in High School).

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