Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day 361 | Resolution Checklist

Prompt: Go back to Day 3 (Resolutions) and mark off all the items you have competed through the year. Talk about your experience completing the task, or why you didn't complete it.

Stephanie | One of my biggest goals this year was to wok on my home. I wanted to finally put fresh paint on the walls and fill it with plants and make it feel like a home for my family. Most of the walls have been painted and I have been able to decorate and add style, along with many plants.  My work was very neglected as I poured most of myself into this 365 project. While I am thankful I was able to be creative everyday, my personal work went nowhere. 

Working on improving our finances was another big goal and we managed to pay off a few different debts and consolidate others. We have plans to buy property in the near future and made great progress this year to become debt free. Our family was also able to make  few camping trips and weekend getaways.

The last area I focused on this year was on myself. I completed two 5K marathons and have read several books, mostly on improving myself and my marriage. I also have been able to do lots of cross stitching.

Annetta | Looking back on my resolutions I did stick through with my One Little Word which was commit. It was for me to commit my world onto the Lord and I kept that as a priority this past year. It has served me well because I love being at home and commit the daily things like doing the dishes and the big things like getting published in magazines. 

I've seen so much progress in my thought process towards my health. I believe I have been healthier this year. I even passed my goal of weighing 100 pounds and now weigh 104. If I do get hit with something that's in my body or in my mind I just repeat that I am healthy and whole until I start to believe it!

Regarding reading more books, I've done better. I'm not where I wanted to be by the end of this year, but I have read through some really good and helpful books this year. This is my goal for next year as well.

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