Friday, December 26, 2014

Day 360 | Benefits Of Writing

Prompt: Some of the ways I have benefited from journal writing are...

Stephanie | Some ways I have benefited are by getting my thoughts out of my head. There have been some pretty intense and personal prompts we have had throughout the year and it has helped me release that pain and emotions by putting them on paper. It has been a blessing to hear that my words have helped others heal and feel connected to another person who has experienced something similar to their own story. 

Annetta | I feel like my benefits will show in a few years, one this projects is all over with. When looking back I will see all that I've learned through this year. At the moment it is heard to see what I've benefited. I've also learned that even if I do not want to do it (like today because I'm running a fever), I will get done what needs to get done. It was a great year!


  1. Beautiful shots as always... will you both continue to journal daily next year?

    1. We will not be journaling daily next year. We will be starting a new projects come New Year's and it will be a 52 weekly project.


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