Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 337 | After Vacation

Prompt: How does it feel to come home after a long vacation?

Stephanie |  I like coming home after a vacation. While gone everyone gets off schedule and are busy doing fun things. As much fun as it is to be away, I like coming home and getting back to normal. I usually come home exhausted from the trip and need a day to rest and regroup. I also need to have my house clean before I leave on any trip, I hate coming home and needing to clean a dirty house, just adds to the stress and exhaustion. After coming home, there is all the laundry to do, so its nice to have everything else clean and a day to wash and put away everything and 'come down' from the trip.

Annetta | When I come home I feel warm and safe. It's a feeling of peace even if I may have just drove 20 hours from LA and am just so exhausted. There is also a different feeling I get from when I am out-of-town with my husband to the feeling when I am out-of-the-country with my whole family. I can feel some of those emotions as I type, but I can't quite put them into words.

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