Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 352 | Your Name

Prompt: What is your full name and how was your name decided on?

Stephanie | I was told that when deciding on my name both my mom and father made a list of names they each liked, when comparing the lists Stephanie was the only name on both. My middle name Renee is my mothers middle name, its also the middle name I gave my first daughter. 3 generations with the middle name Renee. 

Annetta | One thing I remember about my mom telling me regarding my name and how I got it was she had to stand her ground to get it. My mom had loved the name Annetta and was going to name me that, but in Estonia and back in the communist days you couldn't just pick any name for your child. The name had to be a traditional name and the one my mom wanted was not traditional. She named me Annetta, but was not allowed to officially write that on my birth document. I don't know exactly why my name caught my moms attention, but I am happy that I have a beautiful and a unique name.

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