Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day 340 | Quiet Time Place

Prompt: Where is your favorite place to have quiet time?

Annetta | My bed in the morning where I do my prayers and then when no ones is around, the couch. I LOVE those two spots. For me, the couch is so cozy, soft and very comfortable. It also have a great view as I stitch, read or even watch movies. It's kinda like my retreat space.

Stephanie | I don't have a quiet space as I always have a little one with me, but when I need to have a break I usually retreat to my bed. Its not quiet but at least I can close the door for a few minuets and take a breath. Lately I have gotten into taking a bath at night before bed with soft music, candles and smelly bath salts I made. But I would consider my time waiting in the car or on the office couch at my daughters school my favorite quite time/place I have currently. I actually look forward to this time. While my surroundings are still busy and sometimes noisy, its time I get for myself to read and stitch while my little one plays games on my phone.

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