Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 335 | Wish List

Prompt: What is on your Christmas wish list?

Annetta | This year, I don't have much on my wish list as I got everything I needed already. What is on my list are making memories. So this year my husband is giving a family present to himself, myself and my mom. We are taking a few days to head to a spa somewhere in Oregon to rest, relax and just enjoy each other. Lately I'm very much into spending time/experiencing with family and friends verse stuff and getting more things. 

Stephanie |  I usually don't have a holiday wish list, but I have items I wish to get for myself, those items include a new watercolor set for next years project, a new calligraphy pen with paper and colored ink, more cross stitch supplies of thread and cloth and a transfer pen, and I really want the Surface Pro 3. 


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