Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 353 | Winter

Prompt: What is your favorite thing about winter?

Stephanie | I despise winter, but my favorite thing about winter would be the decorations. There are so many different wintery and holiday decorations, when done right, they look really nice.

Annetta | Winter isn't my favorite season, but there are many things that I do love about it like SNOW! I love snow like a Californian loves rain. We don't get a lot of it here so when it comes it is super pretty and special, even when it turns brown. I like going up to the mountains just to look at it. Winter, when it snows, makes for such a beautiful backdrop to pictures. Add fog and you are in a photographers dream, my dream! I actually also enjoy the blue/gray light that streams through the windows and onto my images. With winter also comes the fun activities of the holidays which has been very special this year. Also without winter, spring wouldn't be so grand.


  1. Lovely post. I love winter. The fresh, crisp and clean air, the snow, Christmas, hot chocolate....the list goes on.

    1. All those things sound so wonderful Linda! Thank you for sharing and we are happy that there are people out there who love winter!


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