Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 364 | Plans For 2015

What can you expect from A Year To Inspire in 2015?

A 365 project was a huge project to take on, so for 2015 we will be doing a 52 project. We will post 1 time a week rather than everyday. We will be posting a more in depth over view of our new year project on Jan 1st. Rather than making an art journal we will be only using sketches and watercolor based off a class we are both enrolled in (more info on that on the 1st). We will be sketching and also incorporating another creative outlet of our choosing allowing us to branch out and enjoy other things, like stitching, reading, gardening, etc. We would love to have all of you join us in our new adventure and new year.


  1. I would love to join you guys this year. The year 2014 was not a good year for me. I have been depressed a lot this year . I feel I have been just going through the motions of life; not living. I want my life back; my creativity back. I found your blog and I feel like I have found some hope. I need to get back to my blog, painting, photography. Reading your blog has given me inspiration. Thank you and here is to a better year in 2015

  2. I'm so glad you'll be continuing with a creative challenge this year - I can't tell you how inspiring I've found your journey this far. In fact, I've decided to take on a 365 (art) journaling challenge of my own next year. Thank you a million times for the proof that a challenge of that magnitude is possible. Xx


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