Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7 | Grateful For

Prompt: List as many things that you can see right now that you are grateful for.

Annetta | -a successful root canal  -studio space  - my family & their health  -my table I got for my birthday  -camera's  - two functioning cars  -beautiful house  -joy  -my mom!  -food on the table  -hubby's job and the ability to work from home  -sweet brothers  -rest  -God in my life!  -the ability to work from home doing what I love to do!  -a cup of coffee  -no lack   -friends  -successful marriage  -healthy me & body  -I am thankful to be alive!!

Stephanie | my beautiful girls, a house to live in, coffee, my phone to be able to call the ones I love at any time, food in the fridge, heat, green plants in my home, a working vehicle, medicine/being able to seek medical treatment for my kids, to begin another new year, my camera and all my photo equipment, the ability to pursue my hobbies and dreams,  just enough money in the bank account to cover expenses as hubby transitions into his new job, special gifts from friends, pictures on the walls, my journal and my friend who was so willing to work on it with me.

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