Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 30 | Five Dollars

Prompt: Think of 5 different ways you could treat yourself by spending less than $5. Action: Do one of them this week.

Stephanie | Some ideas on how I can treat myself for only $5: buy my favorite iced coffee, buy a new color nail polish and paint my nails, find clearance fabric at Jo-Ann's and sew a small project, take funny pictures in a mall photobooth, find a creative book at a discount store. 

Annetta | Once I sat down to write I realized how many things I can do for myself for just $5, it just required time which can be harder to find. I've learned the art of treating myself many years ago and is something I practice on a regular basis as it helps me be better. So here are my five:
1. Second hand novel
2. Redbox movie night
3. Coffee & a walk in the park
4. Buy candy at the mall
5. Get flowers for myself

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