Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 | Happiness

Prompt: What does 'happiness' mean to you? Would you describe yourself as a naturally happy or unhappy & worried person? Tell me about a time when you felt really happy and about a time when you made someone else happy.

Stephanie | I am naturally a worrier. I doubt myself a lot and stress way too much. A time that I was really happy was when I faced my fears and submitted some of my photos to a magazine. My 'DREAMS' submission was featured on their blog and received several positive comments.

Annetta | With it being a new year the thought of happiness has been coming to mind. I've discovered this past year that happiness to me means health for myself & family! It means no lack when it comes to needs, lots of family time. A good relationship with my husband & with God! To be wanted & loved by my family & my friends. I've also discovered that I am both naturally happy person, but also a worry one. When I was unmarried and it was just me, I was more carefree, happy, but empty in  a way. Now that I am married, I have a worry that comes so naturally to being a wife and mom. I am happy as I have so much to be happy with!!
I do not remember the specific day or the circumstances behind it, but I do remember a very happy moment and it was in the car with my husband. We were driving somewhere, when I looked over at him and remembered the past week, month and year my heart filled with an overwhelming feeling like it was going to burst. The feeling was beautiful, strong and just perfect. All I could do was let my joy out in a double shy and just be thankful!

PS. I switched my journal to a smaller one that is light weight, perfect in size. It's a little plain, but it will be filled with lots of stories, memories and beauty on the inside. 

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