Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24 | I Am Awesome

Prompt: At the top of the page write 'I am awesome because...' or 'I am wonderful because...'  Now write a list dedicated to the awesomeness of you. All of your achievements, successes, talents, skills, quirky interests, qualifications, best experiences & proudest moments. Big and small in to particular order just write them down. Going right back to when you were a child.


Stephanie | (Some of mine were submitted to me by friends) I am awesome because..... I made the Deans list and the Presidents list my first 2 semesters in college, because I sing loud and off key in the car with my girls, because of my friends, because I am passionate about what I believe in, because I protect those I care about, because I give good advice, because of my laugh, because I am creative, because I love owls, because I am nice and caring, because I am supportive, because of my sense of humor, because I was the first in my family to graduate High School, because of my drunken dance moves, because I am a good listener, because I am compassionate, because I had a c-section and a completely natural labor, because of my odd love for office supplies, because I believe in doing the right thing, because I am a big dork, because of my friendship-trustworthy and respectful, because I laugh the loudest in the movie theater (usually at all the dumb stuff), because my love of the Beatles, because my kids love me, because I was not a teenage mother, because I am a great wife, because I make the best potato salad and spaghetti, because I have a calming presence, because I have an awesome attitude, because of my design skills, because I laugh at my own corny jokes, because I make awesome powerpoint presentations, because of my family, because I love barns, because I think of others, because of my love for my husband, because of my kids, because I am talented, because I can make my kids laugh.

Annetta | I am awesome because…
… I am doing it! The one thing I've dreamt of for years & was never qualified to do I've done. I've been in magazines.
… I have God in my life & He is the point of it all!
… I am a mommy & successful career woman without making my son feel neglected.
… I cook dinner, clean the house, do laundry, play with my son, spend time with my husband, post blog posts, shoot for magazines, & still find time for a nap or cross-stitching and that's just a few things I've listed.
… I am alive after doing a natural birth followed by a c-section plus was still able to breastfeed after not meeting my son until two days after he was born.
… I love myself & think myself beautiful & talented, minus spelling & grammar.
… I graduated high school when I was told I wouldn't or couldn't.
… I love pretty & beautiful things.
… I am a loud & corky kind of girl that can talk too much, scare people with my strong happy personality or I can be a complete clam in big crowds.
… I was the best auntie to my nephew's at the time.
… I hurt for people & feel their pain.
… I'm a fighter & can become a work-a-holic if need be.
… I am debt free thanks to my handsome & awesome husband.
… I married the man I knew was my husband years before he even asked (long story).
… I am me & am loving who I have grown into these past five years since marriage! 


  1. You're both so awesome!! I mentioned this blog and how you both inspired me to do something for me, like this journal activity. Check out my article here:

    I hope you both like it!

    1. Katherine, so glad we were able to inspire you and you are taking time to do something for yourself, keep it up!! <3

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