Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20 | Keepsake

Prompt: At home find a keepsake box or rummage through a 'junk' drawer and find something that has sentimental meaning to you, write about it. What or who does it represent? Alternatively find some old photographs and tell me about one of them.

Annetta | Today I went hunting in my memory box from high school. I had all kinds of things in there from photographs, old choir music sheets, movie tickets, wedding invites to my Russian friends weddings & many cards. It was kinda scary going through that stash. My high school days were my ugly duckling days. I still look the same (in a way), but I am mature, confident now & at piece with my life unlike when I was in high school. From all those memories I stuck with my choir days. I started choir in middle school and continued until the day I graduated. I thought I had a beautiful voice and in my own way I do, but let's say that my dreams to be a famous singer or model were kinda dashed. Today as I look back I am so thankful that those dreams were dashed and in place of them I gained real dreams, ones that inspire people and make the world a better place, not just making my world a better place. I can talk for hours on this subject of my voice, high school and the details in this journal page instead I will quote what the little note had to say to me on the top left. "Anna, you should not stop singing. Some people might not like your voice, but if you like it, don't quit. The songs that we practice here at church, you sing cute. I'm not lying."

Stephanie | My gramma Julie would randomly send mt these cards in the mail. Each one has a different meaning and picture. Some notes would have little notes attached with a message about the card or just sharing her love with me. I never knew when they would arrive in the mail or what the cards message would be that time, but I always felt special and loved when they arrived. I loved knowing that she had thought of me hand hand picked each card. Getting mail from my gramma is always a special treat. I hope to pass these traditions and love to my grandchildren. 

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  1. Still following you guys, a month behind :) Trying to convince my sister to jump on board! thanks so much for posting, its so great to have a little place to check in, and both of you are fantastic artists!


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